Ernest Mason Talks about Commitment

Texas speedster Ernest Mason describes the reasoning behind his surprise commitment earlier this week.

It came as a big surprise when Fort Worth Dunbar (Tex.) star Ernest Mason called Coach Barry Alvarez Monday to inform him of his decision to commit to Wisconsin.

Mason took just one visit, and the Wisconsin-Penn State game was the first time Mason attended a college football game. But Mason was so impressed by the UW coaches, players and atmosphere that he decided it was the place for him.

"Mostly what I like is they play as a team and they lose as a team," Mason said Wednesday night. "That's what I like. Our team isn't doing that right now. We're not playing as a team. But we'll get back to that….Wisconsin showed me a lot of love. They showed me they have a good coaching staff and they're No. 2 in the country in what I'm majoring in (business). It's a great environment for me and I think I will do good there."

When asked which other schools Mason was considering heavily, he started to laugh after rattling off a laundry list of schools that have offered him scholarships all over the nation.

Mason said Wisconsin is a school he's targeted for a while. His coach at Dunbar, Bobby Jones, was coached in high school by Alvarez at Lexington High School in Nebraska.

Mason said he's planned on making a trip to Madison for more than a year, and he knew immediately it was the place for him.

"I've been wanting to check it out for a while, and that I wanted to go there," Mason said. "They showed me what I was looking for so I'm ready to go there."

Quarterback Devin Hollins hosted Mason on his visit, and Mason said he had a great time chatting with all of the players, including Lee Evans and Jonathan Orr.

"I had a chance to check out the facilities, hang out with the fellas, play games and just sit back and relax and just chill," Mason said. "I met with Lee and JO and stuff, and they love the program."

Mason said he hasn't decided whether he will participate in track at UW yet, but he is considering it. His fastest 40-time is a 4.29, recorded at Dunbar High School earlier this year.

Mason said like Evans and Orr, he feels he can become a factor in the Big Ten quickly.

"They are playmakers, and I'm a playmaker too. The coaches look for me to make plays, and I make them," Mason said. "If they want me to do something, I can do something. That's how I stood out from other players in recruiting. Because I'm a playmaker and I can play any position."

While Mason said he can play a number of positions, he was recruited at wide receiver and that is where he wants to play.

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