Looking Back

Badgermaniac reflects upon his "Keys to the Game" from the Wisconsin Badger-Indiana Hoosier matchup from Saturday.

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1. The Box

I don't know that the Badgers really kept Lewis in the pocket all that well, but they did put enough heat on the Indiana QB so that he couldn't set and throw. Even while he was running wide, he was usually in hot pursuit. Lewis did occasional damage on the ground, but not much in terms of scrambles.

2. Here They Come

I thought Donovan made some poor decisions, but don't know that pressure was a huge issue. Indiana defensive end Greg Middleton was a thorn in the Badgers side but with the emphasis on the run (279 rushing yards), it took away a key element of the Hoosier defense.

3. James Hardy vs. Jack Ikegwuonu

This was THE key factor in my opinion. Jack Ikegwuonu shadowed Hardy throughout the game and limited him to 4 catches for 17 yards, resulting in some offensive confusion as to what they could hang their hat on (and resulting in what seemed like 17 bubble screens to Andrew Means).

4. Defensive Efficiency

Frankly, the Badger defense didn't need to be overly efficient simply because they allowed just 258 yards. Still, when Indiana did get within shouting distance of scoring range, they did not allow any serious touchdown threats.

5. DeBauche Returning to Form

Ken DeBauche's punts were high and generally well placed. I believe he had one so-so kick into the endzone, but otherwise limited Tracy Porter's return opportunities, holding him to 17 yards on three returns.

Badgermaniac's Prediction

Well, the game was much less exciting than I predicted, and Wisconsin actually came out on top in the big play categories such as turnovers, sacks, and long runs. Still, Wisconsin really did grind it out as I expected and their offensive output was consistent with what I expected. Defensively? Well, not so much. I'd give my grade maybe a B-/C+ depending on the curve.

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