Looking Back

Badgermaniac reflects on his "Keys to the Game" from this past Saturday's game against Ohio State.

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1. Defense Cannot Rest

The defense gave up a score to go down early, but then played well through three quarters, giving the Badgers a chance to win until folding in the fourth quarter. The Badger offense had a few nice drives, but generally struggled as expected.

2. Red Dog

Ohio State sacked the Badgers 9 times, so obviously the pressure was a huge problem. The Badgers not only gave up sacks, but did not seem to have a plan that they were able to execute to keep the Buckeyes at bay, especially when they got behind late in the game.

3. Buckeye First Downs

The Wisconsin defense did a reasonable job early in the game, but gradually wore down against the run, which allowed the Buckeyes to gash them for big chunks on the ground and prevented the defense from being able to get in good down-distance situations.

4. Getting Chunks

The Badgers did throw for over 8 yards per pass, which is a very nice total against Ohio State. Paul Hubbard and Travis Beckum both had 40+ yard pass plays. It was more the play to play grind type plays that the Badgers struggled with.

5. Weathering the Storm

The Badgers got down 7-0 early, but hung around and managed to take a 17-10 lead midway through the third quarter. They showed solid poise in a tough environment and gave themselves a chance to win.

Badgermaniac's Prediction

Wisconsin played well early and they managed to make it a game despite some inconsistent offense. They were in position to possibly win a 20-17 type game, which is where I suggested the score needed to be, but the defense just caved in and the Buckeyes rolled. Similar to last week, I believe my prediction was in the neighborhood, if not exactly accurate. I will give my prediction a B- grade.

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