Typical Dome Chaos

After a muffed Minnesota punt, which led to a Wisconsin touchdown, appeared to spell doom for the home team, QB Adam Weber connects with Ralph Spry on a 71-touchdown pass to cut the lead to seven. Luckily, that's as close as the Gophers would get. Seriously, did you expect anything different in the Metrodome?

MINNEAPOLIS - For the second-straight visit, chaos engulfs the Wisconsin-Minnesota border battle with the Badgers finding a way to survive, as senior Ben Stickland ends all hope of a rally with an interception with 56 seconds left to help UW beat Minnesota 41-34 - finishing the regular season 9-3.

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First Half

First Quarter

3-0 UW

11 plays, 53 yards, 4:28 TOP, 10:32 remaining

FG Taylor Mehlhaff 29

Key Play: On third and five, Tyler Donovan escaped a collapsing pocket to scramble for 15 yards and keep the chains moving.

3-3 tied

10 plays, 59 yards, 5:05 TOP, 5:27 remaining

FG Joel Monroe 47

Key Play: Using Minnesota's spread offense to perfection, freshman quarterback Adam Weber used misdirection to catch Wisconsin off guard for an 18 and a 19 yard scramble.

Second Quarter

10-3 Minnesota

7 plays, 54 yards, 3:54 TOP, 14:56 remaining

Eric Decker 22-yard catch from Adam Weber (Monroe kick)

Key Play: On fourth and goal on UW's 27, Minnesota went for it by handing it off to running back Justin Valentine for a four-yard gain and a critical first down. Very next play - Minnesota touchdown.

13-3 Minnesota

6 plays, 21 yards, 2:32 TOP, 12:10 remaining

FG Joel Monroe 24

Key Play: On the very first Wisconsin offensive play after the touchdown, Donovan got greedy, telegraphing an out route that was easily picked off by Minnesota's Kyle Theret and returned to the Badger 28.

13-10 Minnesota

10 plays, 70 yards, 3:52 TOP, 1:59 remaining

Donovan 8 run (Mehlhaff kick)

Key Play: On third and three, Wisconsin ran the end around to David Gilreath deep in Minnesota territory. Gilreath got the first down before the Gophers knew what hit them.

Second Half

Third Quarter

17-13 Wisconsin

2 plays, 18 yards, :47 TOP, 12:31 remaining

Zach Brown 16 run (Mehlhaff kick)

Key Play: After setting a season-long punt return of 51 yards in the second quarter, freshman David Gilreath wasn't satisfied, returning the Gopher punt 57 yards down to the Minnesota 18.

20-13 Wisconsin

9 plays, 87 yards, 4:05 TOP, 5:48 remaining

FG Mehlhaff 20

Key Play: A sound mix of run and pass equaled Wisconsin's best scoring drive of the day - three passes for 52 yards and five rushes for 25. Unfortunately, a busted outside run and a rushed corner route forced the Badgers to settle for a field goal.

20-20 tied

10 plays, 79 yards, 3:57 TOP, 1:51 remaining

Duane Bennett 2 run (Monroe kick)

Key Play: Whatever reason, the Badgers decided not to guard wide receiver Eric Decker. Decker caught three consecutive passes for 70 yards.

Fourth Quarter

27-20 Wisconsin

4 plays, 63 yards, 2:21 TOP, 14:30 remaining

Bill Rentmeester 1 run (Mehlhaff kick)

Key Play: Taking the handoff on the drive's first play, Zach Brown chugged 60 yards (his second 60+ yard run of the afternoon) down to the Minnesota 3.

34-20 Wisconsin

4 plays, 49 yards, 1:48 TOP, 10:40 remaining

Travis Beckum 16 pass from Donovan (Mehlhaff kick)

Key Play: Beckum looked to stop short of the end zone, but stretched his arm out over the goal line, giving the Badgers their largest lead of the afternoon.

34-27 Wisconsin

10 plays, 79 yards, 2:50 TOP, 7:50 remaining

Decker 4 yard pass from Weber (Monroe kick)

Key Play: Just like when the Badgers refused to cover Decker, Wisconsin decided to let senior Ernie Wheelwright do whatever he wanted, catching four passes for 68 yards.

41-27 Wisconsin

2 plays, 15 yards, :40 TOP, 5:11 remaining

Brown 4 yard run (Mehlhaff kick)

Key Play: A botched Minnesota special teams play (sound familiar?) on a muffed punt return was recovered by Badger senior Steve Johnson on the Minnesota 20.

41-34 Wisconsin

3 plays, 84 yards, :34 TOP, 4:37 remaining

Ralph Spry 71 yard pass from Weber (Monroe kick)

Key Play: Shane Carter went for the pick and Spry made him pay, going untouched for the touchdown.

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