Looking Back

Badgermaniac looks back at his "Keys to the Game" from the final regular season game of the season against the Minnesota Gophers.

(Read the original Keys to the Game HERE)

1. No Freebies

Minnesota did run the ball on Wisconsin, but it was QB Adam Weber that did the damage, and most of it early. Minnesota did put together enough points to make a game of it, including one classic fluke play, but not enough to make up for aforementioned putrid defense.

2. Adam Weber vs. Badger Secondary

Well, Weber did put up some yardage and was surprisingly accurate, but he did throw a couple up for grabs and the Badgers responded with some turnovers. Ikegwuonu seemed to be matched up more on Eric Decker, and Decker certainly had him moments against Jack.

3. A Drink to Our Health

Tyler Donovan started as expected, but reportedly was limited by his sore hand. P.J. Hill did not play, but with the outstanding play of Zach Brown, it was not a factor. Travis Beckum left early, though Wisconsin had a two score lead so that injury was not as dramatic as it may have been otherwise.

4. Control the Clock

Minnesota actually edged out Wisconsin in terms of time of possession by a narrow margin. Despite the success running the ball, the Badgers were not able to keep the Minnesota offense off the field, which I believe contributed to the close nature of the game.

5. Home Field Advantage

Typical crazy game in the Gopher-Badger rivalry.

Badgermaniac's Prediction

Well, the game clearly wasn't as boring as I would have liked. Otherwise, I was correct in the offensive nature of the game (not hard to predict that). Minnesota also hung around until late in the game. Until the fluke late touchdown, my predicted score was pretty darn good. After a couple of shaky weeks, I will grade my prediction with an A-.

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