Fans' Q&A: Traison Lewis

Traison Lewis was one of two subjects for this week's Fans' Q&A's, voted on by Badger Nation subscribers.

Q: I saw you get out on the field a little bit on Saturday. How much action did you get?

Lewis: I got a few plays, and special teams. I am on punt return now.

Q: And you weren't on punt return until last week. What led to the extra playing time for you?

Lewis: Working hard in practice, knowing what I need to do, and just taking care of my business…It's the Big Ten season, a lot of guys are getting mixed up, getting hurt. We need more guys that can step up and play. I'm trying to up my game, so the coaching staff can count on me a little more.

Q: Have the last couple of years been difficult for you? Has it been hard just adjusting to this level and learning the defense and those things?

Lewis: Learning different defenses and a different speed of the game, getting bigger in the weight room was the first thing. That was the physical part. But now that I've gotten a lot bigger, stronger and faster, now the key is the mental part.

Q: What has Coach (John) Palermo said about you being in the rotation from this point forward?

Lewis: He knows I've been around, he knows what I need to do, and he told me to be ready, because he needs to be able to count on me.

BigAppleBucky: What do you need to do to see significant playing time?

Lewis: Just picking up on things faster, knowing that's what I need to do and reacting to it, instead of hesitating sometimes. Like I will be out there and just think too much in practice.

Lancerstar: How are you dealing with the weather, coming from California?

Lewis: It's freezing man. I try to buy all the winter clothes I can. I try not to go outside when it's cold.

Q: Your recruiting decision came down to the wire between a few different schools. Do you ever regret your decision to come here?

Lewis: Not too much. I'm working hard and hopefully it will pay off for me.

Q: I remember being one of those crazy reporters trying to track you down on your cell phone while you were delivering pizzas, the night before Signing Day. What was that crazy situation like for you?

Lewis: I know, I remember that. Recruiting for me was crazy. I was torn between so many schools. I didn't have my mind made up, I didn't know what I wanted to do. I narrowed all my choices down and made a decision. It was like a big weight off my break.

Q: Is one thing you like about this program the fact that Palermo plays so many guys on that unit and you will have a chance to show what you can do?

Lewis: I like that system a lot because it gives guys like myself, who have been working hard, a chance to get in there and show what they can do.

Q: It seems like you have been here a while, but you're only a sophomore in status. Will we see big things from you over the next two and a half seasons?

Lewis: I think you definitely will. I'm just working hard, getting my head in it and trying to do my best.

Q: Is there anybody in particular that has helped you along in the process, showing you the ropes or teaching you things over the years?

Lewis: Not too much really. I looked up to the guys before me at the position, like John Favret when I was a redshirt. I looked up to the way he went about his business. He worked hard every day and he was a technician. He took care of his business first, then went out there and had fun.

Q: Are you one of those players that loves to play on special teams?

Lewis: Yeah, it's your chance to go one-on-one with a guy. It's your chance to get in the game, contribute and help your team get a `W.'

Q: How excited were you last week when you found out you were going to play? Were you surprised?

Lewis: I wasn't surprised. I just said to myself, learn what I have to do, and go in there and execute.

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