Bo Ryan's Media Day Press Conference - Part 1

Here is the first part of Bo Ryan's Media Day press conference, verbatim.

You've seen the team now for a few days. What are your impressions of this team, and has anyone come out of the gates especially sharp?

Ryan: Well, (after) five practices they haven't changed their demeanor as far as their approach to practice. The preseason, with the hill and everything else, gets them ready for what to expect as far as when we go from one drill to the next. Time is important, effort is important, discipline. Pick up your buddy. If somebody falls down, if somebody gets caught on a screen, you know, it's just the whole thing we're trying to build with the camaraderie and caring for one another. That's come a long ways. The young guys really have…the older guys know what to expect this year, so they've passed that on right away. Last year, the guys had not played with us, with our coaching staff, so they didn't know quite what to expect. But now the older guys do now, so they've passed that on to the younger guys. That's put us ahead. That's definitely put us ahead.

Is it nice not to have to explain every drill and start from scratch?

Ryan: Oh, we're still explaining drills. We're still teaching. It's just certain things…more along those lines. Just cut through all the other stuff that ends up wasting time and let's get right down to the drills, from one thing to the other. No, we'll take the time to teach and explain the finer points, but just the overall, and the veterans know to jump in the front of the drill, and the younger guys will figure out, `Okay, I'll watch him do it,' and then at least I have an idea. Then they try to pick up technique that way. They try to pick up all the nuances of the drill. And some of the guys filled in even before we got on the court too.

Is every kid healthy right now?

Ryan: Yeah, and while they're still debating that new law on what can be released about injuries and what can't, anything along those lines I won't even talk about. Right now, there's blood flowing at practice. I've never seen basketball teams that play hard not have cuts around the mouth, the eyes, elbows, knees, so we have all that, which is okay. They're still kids, still young guys. That's okay. You remember when you were that age. Every little bang, they learn. You just have to play through it. But our trainers will make sure there isn't anybody out there that's going to get hurt from something. All the drills are approved.

Are all the kids on your roster practicing?

Ryan: Yeah. Some guys, as is the case with any team that I've ever coached, if there's something of a discussion group or something like that academically, there are times where guys leave early or come a little late, depending on the timing of the…it's nice if you can get everything in before your practice time, and maybe afterwards. It doesn't always work that way. What I've found at other places I've coached, and it looks like it's true here too, in certain majors, in certain times, when you get to your junior and senior year, there's only one time you can take this class. So we might have guys miss a little bit for that.

How has Andreas Helmigk looked coming back from his knee injury in 5-on-5 situations?

Ryan: Well we haven't done any 5-on-5 situations yet. It's all being built up right now, 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3, we just got into 4-on-4, and we'll eventually get to that, because you have to. But Andreas is starting to get a feel back for the game, still gets his hands on a lot of balls, he has length, he's hungry for the game, hunts the ball down defensively, tries to be as physical as he can and does a pretty good job that way. Offensively, a decent shot that's coming around. But he just hasn't played, so he's still rusty in certain areas.

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