Badger Nation Stars of the Game

Badger Nation awards its five "Stars of the Game," the top five performances by UW players Saturday afternoon.

1) Anthony Davis – Is there any doubt Davis got a little bit more amped for this game because of all the attention surrounding Maurice Clarett? Watching Anthony Davis limp off the field, then burst through the line of scrimmage, break tackles and make sharp cuts on the very next drive tells you something about the heart of the sophomore tailback. Davis had his best game of the year, racking up 144 yards with a bum ankle against a great defense.

2) Jim Sorgi – No matter how little playing time Jim Sorgi is allotted, he is always up to the task when called upon. Sorgi said if he gets the nod next week, he will spend countless extra hours studying film and came just short of guaranteeing a win. While everyone wants to see Brooks Bollinger healthy and able to play, a Sorgi start in his home state wouldn't be a bad changeup for a team at a major crossroads. Sorgi's confidence and knowledge clearly rubs off on his teammates, and he nearly led the Badgers to a monumental victory.

3) Jonathan Orr – On Sorgi's first drive, Orr got himself wide open on a post route that would have been a long touchdown strike had the ball been thrown properly. Sorgi was angry with himself and immediately wished he could have that route back. So he went after it again two plays later. Once again, Orr was open, and Sorgi hit him with a perfect strike on a 42-yard touchdown pass to take the lead into halftime. Orr broke Tony Simmons' freshman receiving record with this game, and continues to be the Badgers' No. 1 target.

4) Broderick Williams – Coach Barry Alvarez wouldn't get into specifics, but the coaching staff did not feel comfortable giving JUCO transfer Alex Lewis any playing time outside of special teams this afternoon. Williams stepped up to the plate and delivered the best game of his career. He led the team with 10 tackles and recorded a sack.

5) Lamarr Watkins – Starting his first game as a true freshman, Watkins has come an awfully long way, considering the fact that two and a half months ago, Watkins began practice as one of five incoming tailbacks. Watkins took over for the struggling Kareem Timbers, and was tied for second (with Kyle McCorison) with nine tackles on the afternoon.

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