Wisconsin P.O.Y. Talks Official Visit

Bradie Ewing, a 6-foot, 211-pound, athlete from Richland Center, Wis., was hoping to receive a scholarship offer from the Wisconsin Badgers while on his official visit last weekend. Ewing was named Player of the Year in the Badger State in 2007. Go inside for the latest info.

Badger Nation didn't have luck catching up with Bradie Ewing after his official visit which was uncharacteristic of Bradie since he had been extremely gracious in taking our calls and giving us interviews in the past.

Bradie did send us an e-mail and he explained why we weren't able to reach him for an interview.

"Sorry I did not get back to you earlier," Ewing said. "I have been real busy with schoolwork, recruiting activities, sports and other stuff that has really limited my time.

"To follow back up with you, my official visit was a very positive experience at Wisconsin - Madison. The academics, facilities, players and coaching staff were all great.

"I was very impressed at the level of detail they put into this. I am very appreciative of the amount of time Coach Settle took with me to help me understand how I may fit into the Badger program in the future.

"Coach Bielema was available throughout my visit to talk to and he spent plenty of time with my Mother, Father and I on Sunday morning."

Did the Badgers offer Ewing a scholarship?

"At this time, I am not being offered a scholarship." Ewing said. "They are still going through some player evaluations for the remaining scholarships they have available. I remain hopeful that they consider me for one of those but at this point I am not sure."

Bradie Ewing had over 2,100 yards of total offense in 2007 and he scored 24 touchdowns.

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