Nathaniel Greenbaum Gallery - Green Bay

With final exams approaching fast, Badger Nation Photo Editor Nathaniel Greenbaum passed his test of delivering quality photos from Wisconsin's win over the Green Bay Phoenix.

Junior Joe Krabbenhoft (45) and Greg Stiemsma attempt to gain control of a loose ball.

Michael Flowers reacts after making a wild circus shot and getting sent to the line in the process.

Hey Mike, from the looks of it, those pants are way to small for you.

Green Bay's Rahmon Fletcher tries a little trickoration to fool Wisconsin.

Trevon Hughes drives around Green Bay's Ryan Tillema.

Junior Joe Krabbenhoft is turning into a double-double machine, leading the team in points (12) and rebounds (10).

The Pride of South Dakota also has some ups.

Brian Butch and the Badger big men proved too much for Green Bay, besting the Phoenix 70-52.

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