Nathaniel Greenbaum Gallery - Beach Day

Two days before the Outback Bowl and things are already heating up between the Badgers and the Volunteers. Wisconsin's Spirit Squad threw down their pom-poms in a tug-o-war challenge against members of 'ol Rocky Top.

The calm before the storm.

Wisconsin's Muscles McGee showing which way to the 'Gun Show.'

After getting a pep talk from Bret, the Spirit Squad looks to go '1-0'

No excuses, play like champions.

These Lady Vols open as 3.5-point favorites and look like they aren't going to cover the spread.

Yo Adrian! All I got to do is fight ya know?

This cheerleader is taking aim at 'Ol Rocky Top.

When one cheerleader goes does, the team goes "Next One In."

The Volunteers are already making a 'splash' in Tampa.

Oh the Humanity!

Due to their poor performance, everyone in the pro Wisconsin.

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