Konz Talks About Recent Changes

Year in and year out, coaches will come and coaches will go. It's this time of the year that head coaches have to put out fires after there's a shake-up on staff. Wisconsin recently lost Bob Palcic to UCLA, Mike Hankwitz has been let go and Bret Bielema is playing fire marshal.

"Coach Bielema called me personally and told me that Coach Palcic was leaving," Peter Konz told Badger Nation.

"I really appreciated the fact that Coach Bielema would take the time out to call me and let me know what was going on. He told me that he wanted me to hear the news from him and nobody else.

"This past year I developed a real good relationship with Coach Palcic. I'm sure we would've developed an even better relationship if he would've stayed at Wisconsin but that's college football.

"Coaches that have been around long enough like Coach Palcic, they move around a lot. It was a shock to hear that he was leaving but that's just the nature of the business.

"I'm still solid with the Badgers and on a positive note, I'm hearing that Coach (Bob) Bostad might be the new offensive line coach and I like him a lot also. Coach Bostad is a great guy and he's an excellent coach."

Konz, a 6-foot-6, 295-pound, offensive tackle, from Neenah, Wis., told us that he'll be graduating in June and plans on being in Madison during the middle of summer. Konz also talked to us about his recent trip to Tampa.

"I had a great time down at the Outback Bowl," Konz said. "I flew out on the 29th of December, just after one of our basketball games. The weather in Tampa was beautiful and I had a lot of fun but I still got my workouts in.

"We found a local gym by our hotel and I was able to get some bench and upper body work in. There were a ton of Badger fans down there that I knew. We hung out a lot at the beach.

"We went to the parade and took all that in. At the game, we sat in the end zone opposite of the pirate ship. The game besides the outcome was very competitive and fun to watch. In my opinion, the Tennessee band played "Rocky Top" just way too much.

"The best part of the whole trip might have been "Swingtown". The band brought that one back for the bowl game and of course there was the jump around. All-in-all, it was a great trip."

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