Fans' Q&A: Mike Lorenz

Here is this week's Fans' Q&A, with Mike Lorenz answering all of your questions. Please visit our premium boards to vote for next week's Fans' Q&A. The winner will be selected after Sunday at midnight (CST).

Mike, these questions all come from subscribers to Many of these people have been voting for you for weeks, and are really excited to hear from you.

Lorenz: Oh cool! Tell them I said thank you.

Okay, the first question is…Warwickstar: What led to you playing tight end last week, and is this a permanent change?

Lorenz: What led to it? I don't know. Coach brought it up to me, and I said, you know what? I'm not going to turn down an opportunity. I don't know really what led to it. It was an opportunity they gave me. It's just a week-to-week basis, whatever the game plan is (in relation to Bob Docherty's injury).

Warwickstar/Roderick: What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses as a tackle?

Lorenz: I think my strengths are run-blocking. What I have to work on more is my pass-blocking. I've been working on that.

Warwickstar: What have you done to address your weaknesses?

Lorenz: Just concentrate on them more and more every week. And I've been improving. I'm made improvement, but I need to keep on progressing.

Warwickstar: There have been a ton of Wisconsin offensive tackles that have made it to the NFL, including every left tackle over the last decade or so. Does that bring any added pressure to you playing tackle at Wisconsin?

Lorenz: No. Not really.

Was that one of the factors that led to you choosing Wisconsin out of high school?

Lorenz: I wanted to come here because I've been a Badger fan my whole life. My goal was to play here, and now I'm playing.

Roderick: Have you been playing strictly at right tackle and Morgan Davis at left tackle, or do you switch positions?

Lorenz: No, just right tackle.

Roderick: Which guys are currently backing up Davis and yourself?

Lorenz: Jake Wood and Carlos Harper. Jake's at left and Harper is at right.

Roderick: Have you had any injury problems in the past?

Lorenz: In high school I had a stress fracture. I rolled my ankles quite a bit. I used to play a lot of basketball, so you'd roll your ankles quite a bit. As for serious injuries, I've never really had one.

Badgers33: Who can eat the most food out of all the underclass OL?

Lorenz: Well I would have to say Kalvin (Barrett). Kalvin can eat the most. There's no doubt about that. He always says that about me, that I eat the most, but we all obviously eat a lot.

Badgers33: What is your reaction to people who say we are seeing the demise of the Wisconsin football program right now?

Lorenz: We're going to keep on fighting. We have another game this weekend and we're going to be ready to fight. We're going to be out there ready to hit somebody.

Badgers33: Are you confident with the depth of young football talent on the roster, that Wisconsin will be back on top of the Big Ten in the next few years?

Lorenz: Yes, I believe so. I totally believe we're going to be back on top. And the season is not over yet. One game at a time.

Badgers33: Is Barry Alvarez the type of coach that inspires players to reach levels unimagined?

Lorenz: Yeah, I have tons of respect for Barry Alvarez. Just by seeing him you work harder. He's an inspiring person.

NumenLumen: In addition to yourself, who do you expect playing next year to replace the Johnsons and Jowers?

Lorenz: I would expect Morgan to be playing left, and hopefully I will be playing right. Donovan Raiola at center, and Jason (Palermo) is in the mix.

NumenLumen: Who are the leaders on this team that really inspire and fire up the other players?

Lorenz: I would say Lee Evans does, Ben Johnson, Al Johnson, Darius Jones gets us riled up and he's fun. There's a bunch of guys. You get fired up, pumped up.

You said you were a Badger fan growing up. Who was your favorite player as a child?

Lorenz: Well from Manitowoc, I would say Don Davey. I remember him playing and stuff like that. Don Davey would be my favorite player here.

Do you still get a rush when you're on the field in a Badger uniform, or does that wear off after a while?

Lorenz: No, you still get the thrill, going through that tunnel getting ready to play, running on the field. It's just a rush that comes to you. It's a blast. I love it.

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