Breaking Bread - Zach Davison

Defensive line was a priority for the Badgers in this recruiting class. Bret Bielema is going to sign six this year along the d-line and Waukee, Iowa's Zach Davison is probably the least known or the biggest enigma of the entire group. Badger Nation recently interviewed Davison near his hometown in Des Moines, Iowa.

Badger Nation – Zach, when did you start playing organized football?

Zach Davison – I started playing football when I was in the third grade actually. We were living in Arizona at that time. I was born in Des Moines and moved to Arizona for four years and then we moved back here to Iowa. I started playing football in Arizona for the Earthquakes when I was in the third grade.

Badger Nation – "Can you talk about your high school career at Waukee?

Zach Davison – "I started out playing freshman ball when I was a freshman. I played middle linebacker. I was moved to defensive end for one play and I sacked the quarterback. From that point on I was a defensive end. Sophomore year I was moved up to varsity. I wasn't an immediate starter but the third game of the season was kind of a break-out game for me and I've started on the varsity ever since.

Badger Nation – "What were your accomplishments this past season?

Zach Davison – This year I made first team all-metro, first team all-conference, first team all-state and first team all-elite state.

Badger Nation – "We couldn't help but notice when watching your highlight tape, how much fun you were having.

Zach Davison – I just love football. It's the greatest sport in the world. I love the team aspect of the game.

Badger Nation – "When did the recruiting process start to take off for you?

Zach Davison – At the end of my junior season is when I started to think more about college and how I would get myself recruited. My coach started to make a highlight tape for me and we sent that out to a bunch of schools. My step-dad also made a highlight tape and it was more of combined effort on the part of my coaches and us. We got a call from Wyoming and they were actually the first to school to offer me a scholarship.

Badger Nation – Growing up in Iowa, where you hoping that Iowa and Iowa State would offer you a scholarship?

Zach Davison – "I really wasn't thinking about that at all. I was thinking that I just want to play football wherever I can. Both Iowa and Iowa State were calling and visiting my school but they never offered but by that time, I was already committed to Wisconsin and that was just the best fit for me.

To Be Continued…..

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