Breaking Bread - Leonard Hubbard

It doesn't matter that Leonard Hubbard is considered one of the top linebacker prospects in the Midwest and it doesn't matter that he's considered one of the hardest hitters in the region as well. He still gets teased by his friends and classmates that he's going to get run over next year by P.J. Hill.

Badger Nation – What have you been up to since the end of the football season?

Leonard Hubbard - I actually took a few weeks off to rest but now I've been hitting the weights hard, doing a lot of running and just preparing for my move to Madison in the summer.

Badger Nation – What are your plans for signing day?

Leonard Hubbard - We're going to have a big press conference after school. I'm going to have a few of my teammates that are signing with other schools there with me. I'm also going to have my parents and friends at the signing as well. We're going to have cake after the signing and I'm going to go out to dinner with my family that night as well.

Badger Nation – Who are you most looking forward to playing with next year?

Leonard Hubbard – "I'd have to say it's P.J. Hill. I want to think I could hold my own but my teammates and my friends keep telling me that P.J. is going to run me over in practice. I'm pretty competitive though. I'm sure I'll be fired up and ready to show that I'm a deserving teammate.

Badger Nation – Besides Camp Randall, is there a certain stadium that you're most looking forward to playing in.

Leonard Hubbard – Definitely Penn State. You see their "White Out" on television and it's incredible. It has to be one of the toughest atmosphere's to play in and that's not only in the Big Ten but I'd have to say in all of college football. I have a friend who's father went to Penn State and he's going to Penn State next year so there's been a lot of trash talking.

Badger Nation – Which video game console do you own?

Leonard Hubbard - I got Playstation 3 for Christmas and I love it. I'm all about the sports. Madden, NCAA football and basketball. My friends play Halo but I've never gotten into any of that stuff. It's mostly just sports for me.

Badger Nation – What's on your Ipod?

Leonard Hubbard – "I have a little bit of everything, I've been listening to a lot of Ludacris, Lil' Wayne, Lil' Jon, Common, Fat Joe and a lot different R&B stuff. I like my music.

Badger Nation – What are you looking forward to most about being a part of the Wisconsin football family?

Leonard Hubbard - I'm just a blessed person. I can't believe everything the Lord has blessed me with. I'm just thankful that I'm going to get a great education and live my dream of playing college football. I'm just thankful for everything that I have and I'm thankful that the University of Wisconsin thought enough of me as a person and as an athlete to be able to represent them.

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