Greg Bracey receives another offer

Milwaukee Vincent speedster Greg Bracey begins his high school playoffs tonight. But he says he won't begin to consider his recruiting decision until the season has come to an end.

Greg Bracey, the 6-2, 190-pound wide receiver from Milwaukee Vincent, is waiting until after his season is over to think about his recruiting decision. Vincent begins the playoffs this evening after finishing the regular season 6-3.

Bracey said his latest offer is from Vanderbilt, adding to his existing list of offers from Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Northwestern and Purdue. He said his offensive stats aren't very impressive because his team continues to focus on the running game.

"It's been picking up as the year went on," Bracey said. "I wasn't really getting the ball that much, but now I'm starting to get it a little more. I have four interceptions this year."

The wide receiver/defensive back has 4.4 speed (10.4 in the 100) and is being heavily recruited for track as well. But Bracey said at this point, little matters to him other than the quality of the football program and how much he will be used.

"Academics are not a factor, just football," Bracey said. "It's how well I will fit in, how much they are passing it, and what they look like in the future."

Bracey said the Badgers, his childhood favorite, are still in the mix.

"They have a lot of receivers this year," Bracey said. "I don't know (whether that's good or bad) yet."

Bracey said he hasn't thought about official visits yet, but will likely make a few once his season is over.

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