Butch's decision has not been made

Ritchie Davis, Brian Butch's AAU coach, says his college decision has not been made.

Coach Ritchie Davis, Brian Butch's AAU Coach in Fox Valley, said today has been incredibly hectic for himself, Butch and Appleton West Coach Greg Hartjes.

"That would be an understatement," Davis said.

The three were stunned earlier today when reports came out of North Carolina that Butch had made his decision to commit to Wisconsin.

"The decision has not been made at this time," Davis said. "No decision as of yet. We'll see how it plays out I guess, like everyone else here, when he makes his decision. He'll do that very, very soon, and then hopefully some of these people will have something better to do then speculate on what the heck he's doing."

Davis said Butch will make up his mind later this evening after talking to the coaching staffs at North Carolina and Wisconsin one more time. And he will sit down and talk about it.

"I guess what's important to him are those closest to him, his family members, Coach Hartjes and myself, that he can confide in us and not have to worry about us saying anything," Davis said. "It will come quick enough."

Davis said he didn't begrudge any media sources for the reports that have surfaced today, regardless of their accuracy.

"If you do what you do, that's your job, you have to try to get the scoop and try to get what you can," Davis said. "Brian will comment on that when the time is right for him."

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