Fans' Q&A: Ben Johnson

Here is how offensive tackle Ben Johnson responded to your questions after yesterday's practice:

BigAppleBucky: What are your goals over the last four games of your college career?

Johnson: My first goal is just to be the most physical player I can be, just throw people around and just have fun out there. That's my main goal.

BigAppleBucky: Looking back, what were the high and low points over the last four-plus years in Madison?

Johnson: The highest point, I'd have to say, were those two Rose Bowl victories and everything that came with that, and the lowest point, I'd have to say, is when I learned four hours before the Western Michigan game that I was suspended for my first game.

BigAppleBucky: What will you miss most about Madison?

Johnson: Just the people and the atmosphere. It's just a great place and I love it here. That's what I'll miss most.

BigAppleBucky: What would you say to a potential offensive line recruit about your Madison experience?

Johnson: It's a lot of hard work, but it's all worth it. At the end, it's all worth it. The education is the best here, the coaches are great too, and the facilities are unbelievable so I would say it's hard, but it's a great experience.
BigAppleBucky: Has Coach Jim Hueber emphasized anything in particular in preparation for the Iowa game, or the rest of the season?

Johnson: He just wants us to be a real physical offensive line, finishing it out right, just try to win these last four games and win our bowl too.

BigAppleBucky: What do you think you personally will have to do in order to succeed at the next level?

Johnson: I'll have to work on my flexibility and I'll have to work on my pass-blocking. My run-blocking is pretty well, but I think if I get those two things down, I'll be pretty good at the next level.

BigAppleBucky: Who is the biggest jokester on the offensive line, and do you have any stories?

Johnson: The biggest jokester? I think I am the biggest jokester. I play jokes on everybody.

Any stories you want to share with us?

Johnson: Naah, the biggest jokes we ever play are doing things to other people's lockers, tape up another person's locker, stuff like that.

Badgers33: Do you feel like all of the media attention surrounding your abilities is legitimate?

Johnson: Well as far as media goes, I could care less if anybody knows my name or anything like that, just as long as I do my job out there. That's all I'm concerned about.

Badgers33: What round could you see yourself going in the 2003 NFL Draft?

Johnson: My goal is to make it in the first round.

What are you hearing right now about where you fall?

Johnson: I've heard first or second round.

Badgers33: Do you still keep in touch with Chris McIntosh and Mark Tauscher?

Johnson: I talked to Mac this summer. I worked out with him a lot this summer. I haven't talked to Tausch in a while. But I talk to McIntosh. Right now he's not doing so well, with his neck and everything like that. But he has high spirits and he's doing alright.

Badgers33: Who have you been most impressed with on the offensive line that has not had the opportunity to start for the Badgers?

Johnson: Donovan Raiola. He's proved that he can be a starter on the offensive line for years to come.

Badgers33: Did the team finally begin to gel after everyone found out that Evans would be out this year?

Johnson: Well we took it at the beginning of the year that he wasn't going to play the whole year, so we tried to gel at the beginning. But Lee has been there. He's been helping us along the way and I'm glad he's been there.

Badgers33: Do you think the criticism surrounding Ron Dayne of the Giants is undeserving, or of the system?

Johnson: I think it is undeserving because they run a two-back offense and he's not the feature back like he was here. If he was the feature back, I'm sure he'd be averaging 100 yards a game and two touchdowns a game. It's hard to work with two great running backs there.

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