Wisconsin Pro Day - News and Notes

Ten former Wisconsin Badgers and a smattering of others workout for NFL Scouts at Madison's Pro Day. Here's a complete recap a news, notes and stats.

Badgers Working Out

Center Marcus Coleman, punter Ken DeBauche, quarterback Tyler Donovan, defensive lineman Nick Hayden, wide receiver Paul Hubbard, defensive end James Kamoku, defensive back Brandon Kelly, kicker Taylor Mehlhaff, punter Paul Standring and wide receiver Luke Swan.

Badger Not Working Out but in Attendance

Tight End Andy Crooks, long snapper Steve Johnson and defensive back Ben Strickland.

NFL Teams Represented at the Workout

Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers among others.

Players in 40-yard dash (official times not announced)

Donovan, Kamoku, Kelly and Standring each ran the 40 twice and Paul Hubbard ran it only once, finishing with a time around 4.33 to 4.4.

Vertical Jump (first jump - second jump)

Coleman (30.5"-30.5"), Donovan (31.5"-33"), Hayden (31"-32"), Hubbard (37.5"-39.5"), Kamoku (29.5"-30.5"), Kelly (30"-32"), Standring (29.5"-30") and Swan (37.5"-38.5").

Players in Shuttle Run (official times not announced)

Donovan, Hubbard, Kamoku, Kelly and Swan. Each run twice with Kelly running three times. Kelly slipped twice on his first plant and ran the third time very tentative.

Players in Three Cone Run (official times not announced)

Hayden, Standring, Kelly, Hubbard, Donovan and Swan. Donovan slipped on his first run rounding the third cone but ran much better the second time. Swan looked real crisp making the cuts and showed a real burst of speed off the snap.

Bench Press (225 pounds)

Mehlhaff (14), DeBauche (13), Kamoku (19), Kelly (22 - did not fully lock arms on all reps however) and Standring (17).


- Kamoku, Kelly and Hayden worked out on defensive drills for scouts, working on agility, coordinator, awareness and catching ability. Each player went 1-for-2 on interceptions.

- Coleman looked solid on pass blocking, agility, dropping back into protection, etc. Coleman was one of the many Badgers that appeared to improve their stock.

- After struggling with his hands at the combiine in Indianapolis, Hubbard had a much better outing catching passes from Tyler Donovan. Dropping only one pass and still have a couple of bobbles, Hubbard looked more comfortable catching passes.

- After the Badgers finished their workout, scouts stayed to watch some athletes work out, including Whitewater Justin Beaver (Division III's Player of the Year),former Badger Brett Bell and former Warhawk Tre Bell, who suffered an ACL tear before the draft two years ago.

- Travis Beckum, Zach Brown, Gabe Carimi, Jonathan Casillas, Jake Current, Brad DeBauche, David Gilreath, Aaron Henry (walking without crutches), P.J. Hill, Elijah Hodge, Daven Jones, Andy Kemp, DeAndre Levy, Maurice Moore, Joshua Neal, Bill Rentmeester, O'Brien Schofield, Matt Shaughnessy, Blake Sorenson, Kraig Urbik, Jay Valai and Jamil Walker were among the Badgers in attendance supporting their teammates.

- Barry Alvarez, head coach Bret Bielema and the majority of the Badger coaching staff, including new tight ends coach Joe Rudolph were present.

- Green Bay's General Manager Ted Thompson was the biggest name present. For whatever reason, he was taking a close look at the quarterbacks.

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