Iowa Postgame: Barry Alvarez Verbatim

Here is what Coach Barry Alvarez had to say following the Badgers' 20-3 loss against Iowa, including his reaction to Lee Evans' arrest, verbatim.

Let me open by first saying I was made aware of Lee Evans' situation early this morning. Lee has been a model citizen for us in our program for four years. I've not had a bit of problems with him. I had a chance to visit with him this morning, and we will let the legal system run its course. I have no further comments on it and neither will my team. As far as the game today, we were beaten by a very good football team. Iowa really doesn't have any weaknesses. I thought defensively they were very strong. We never could get anything established. I came in thinking we could establish a running game but we never did, and offensively they have a lot of weapons. We were able to slow their run down but (Brad) Banks had other things to go to. He threw the ball well. He ran the ball well. All in all, we were defeated by a very good team. I thought our guys battled and competed and came up short.

It looked like they depleted your depth chart at quarterback. What happened with Brooks Bollinger and Jim Sorgi?

Alvarez: I thought Brooks…they told me initially Brooks was going to be able to play in the second half. He was not thinking clearly and they didn't want to take a chance putting him in there. Jim has battled that. That is the same arm he hurt last week. He was able to grip a ball, finally, Friday. He practiced, but he wasn't gripping the ball as well as he could. Then he banged it one other time. He didn't get hurt at the end. I just took him out. I didn't want to take any chances. I thought Owen (Daniels) did some nice things when he came in for the first time.

What happened on those two touchdown passes?

Alvarez: We had a bust. We had a bust. We had three guys out there playing man coverage, there was a combination called, he went out and in and they turned him loose. So it was a busted coverage.

What was the key to Iowa's success shutting down your running game? Their front four?

Alvarez: Well their front four, and their linebackers played very well. I thought their outside linebackers…you never could knock anything off. You couldn't knock them off the ball. Their interior guys were physical, you couldn't get any movement on their front four, and their linebackers were stout inside.

When you couldn't run the ball, what was plan B?

Alvarez: Well plan B, when you can't run it, is to throw it. And we tried to throw it. We just didn't do it consistently.

Why couldn't you throw it?

Alvarez: You know, I'm not making any excuses. They out-executed us. When you're not throwing well, that means their defensive backs are covering your receivers better than you're throwing it and catching it. That's a good defensive outfit out there and we just couldn't get anything consistently on them.

That play in the first half where Jerone Pettus dropped the ball, was that a check-down?

Alvarez: No, that's a designed play. You run people off and you have some things to look at first, but that's the next thing you go to quickly, when it's a red zone pass play. We had exactly what we wanted.

Do you think he would have scored?

Alvarez: I think he would have been right at the goal line. I don't know if he would have gotten in, but he would have been right there.

Can you talk about how Alex Lewis played today?

Alvarez: I noticed him around the ball an awful lot, and saw him get some penetration on their zone play and make some plays. I thought he was very active.

Did you feel comfortable about where you were at halftime?

Alvarez: You hate to give them momentum and get an easy touchdown as well as we played. We had a chance, we drove the length of the field, did some good things…I thought we were right in there. I didn't feel bad at half, other than the fact we weren't moving the football like I wanted to. But we were in the football game.

Their touchdown in the second half, it seemed like they were setting up that jailbreak screen that they love to run.

Alvarez: We worked on that, but you're still playing man-to-man coverage. Somebody's responsible for that guy. Everybody can't play the screen.

Is Iowa the most complete team you've seen this year?

Alvarez: They're surely deserving of a top 10 ranking. They're a good football team. They don't have any weakness.

How do they compare to Ohio State?

Alvarez: Both teams are very good, and both teams are BCS caliber. I don't think it's fair to compare them. There are different matchups and different strengths that they have, but they're both awful good.

Will it be hard to get this team back up again?

Alvarez: No, you know what guys? I hear that every time we lose. Our kids compete, and they know how to compete. This is a game. They still have a lot of things to play for and they're competitors. Every time we lose a conference game everybody wonders if we can get them back up. Our kids are disappointed they lost, but they'll come back and compete next week. I'm sure of that.

Was this another concussion for Brooks?

Alvarez: I don't know, and I'm not going to get into any medical guessing. I just don't want to get into that right now.

When did Owen Daniels become the No. 3 quarterback?

Alvarez: We decided the latter part of the week, if something were to happen, that's who our guy would be.

What did you see out of him to make that decision?

Alvarez: You know what? You need to visit with (Quarterbacks Coach) Jeff (Horton) about that. Jeff works with him every day and he's the one that made the decision.

Bob Docherty looked like he is still hobbled a bit.

Alvarez: He's still hobbled a little bit. Then he dislocated his finger in pregame warmup. That didn't have anything to do with him not playing. He still can't really push off that ankle the way he'd like to. And besides that, (Tony) Paciotti is playing pretty well.

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