Groy Brings Versatility to Madison

Being able to play multiple offensive positions and possessing a quickness off the line of scrimmage, it was a no brainer for Wisconsin to extend a scholarship offer to Middleton's Ryan Groy.

Middleton offensive lineman Ryan Groy did not know what he was waiting for.

Although the 6-foot-5, 290-pound offensive lineman was the first to receive a scholarship offer for 2009 from head coach Bret Bielema at Wisconsin's Junior Day, Groy, for whatever reason, wanted to sit on his offer and mull it over.

Along it took him longer than fellow recruits Shelby Harris and Jordan Kohout to commit, Groy eventually came around to give Bielema his verbal commitment to play for Wisconsin in 2009.

"Everyone was always asking me what my first choice was and I would always say Wisconsin," Groy told Badger Nation. "It's a great school and obviously the best in the state. They have great coaches, a great program and I wanted to stay close to home, which meant it was the place for me.

"I called Coach Bielema and he told me that I made his day."

Looking at Groy's numbers, how could Bielema not get excited about his new offensive lineman? Groy runs a 4.91 40-yard dash, has a 27.5-inch vertical, benches 360 pounds, squats 500 pounds and registered 355-pounds on the clean.

"I am pretty happy with my testing numbers and I obviously want to get stronger and faster when I get to Wisconsin," Groy said. "I am working as hard as I can to get to my maximum potential until I get to college. Hopefully, they'll continue to increase from there with different workouts at Madison. I am going to keep on working hard."

But what Bielema really liked about Groy was the junior's quickness and versatility on the offensive line. Having a faster 40-yard dash time than all the 2008 offensive line recruits, Groy has played at center, guard and tackle at Middleton, making him a valued commodity.

"Right away at junior day, I talked with Coach Bielema," Groy recalled. "He pulled me to the side, brought me into his room, told me how much he really liked my versatility and offered me right away. I was the first of the three players (Harris and Kohout) that he offered. We got to talk to a bunch of the players and got a different perspective."

One of players Groy did get a chance to talk to was Harris, a weak side defensive end. Harris committed on February 16th and both share the same excitement with Groy about playing football with the Badgers together.

Combine those two commitments with Jordan's and the Badger coaching staff have already assembled a solid unit of lineman in the early weeks of the 2009 recruiting season.

"I am excited to be playing with a guy that has so much potential," Groy said. "I've heard from people that me, Jordan and Shelby are supposed to be the dream team of recruits. To be able to block next to two guys with so much talented is going to be great."

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