Going Deep with Nick Toon

The son of former Badgers and NFL receiver Al Toon, redshirt freshman Nick Toon has used a personal drive in the off season to start establishing his own identity for the Wisconsin football team.

Nick Toon, a three-star recruit out of Middleton High School, used his redshirt freshman season to change his body, adding weight while maintaining his ability, and is looking to be a key contributor catching passes this season.

With no returning starters coming back to the wide receiver core, Toon has a chance to make that happen.

Already playing solid throughout two spring practices, Toon talked about his last year and how he has changed.

Q: From the last time we saw you, you were this skinny wide receiver from Middleton. Since then, you look 10 times stronger. What did you did in the off season to prepare for spring practices?

Toon: I really focused on doing a lot of heavy lifting. Our strength coach (John Dettman) is one of the best I've ever met and told me how to lift to gain muscle. I enjoyed lifting and doing that kind of stuff. I feel a lot more powerful than last year and it feels good.

Q: You've only had two practices so far, but how does it feel to get back out onto the field competing and showcasing the work you've done in the off season?

Toon: It feels really good. It always feels good to get back with your teammates, make some plays and just play football. Sometimes you forget about what you are doing here and why the coaches brought me here but once you are out on the field, it all comes back.

Q: How challenging was redshirting last year and waiting your turn behind three freshmen at your position last season?

Toon: Man, that was one of the hardest things and I wasn't prepared for how I would feel about it. I have always been a starter since I was young and have always been playing. I've never had to sit out because of anything. I think I had to get my weight up and improve in some areas, but it was hard watching my teammates play and the other freshmen play. You always want to be able to go out there and compete.

Q: There isn't any regrets though is there?

Toon: Nah. All the freshmen get along and we all talk about football and stuff. There are a bunch of us that redshirted and we have made it though one year together. We're just all really exciting and anxious to get out there and show what we can do.

Q: You talked about improving strength wise. What are some other ways you have improved?

Toon: I really learned a lot about how to play the position. In high school, I could just jump over and run by people with my speed and play-making ability. Now, I feel I can use those things to help me. There's a lot of information we need to learn and I am still learning all of it.

Q: What position does (wide receiver coach) DelVaugh (Alexander) have you working at right now?

Toon: I'm working hard at playing X and a little bit of H. I am trying to learn both positions because the more positions that you are good at, the more positions you can play and more ways to get on the field and contribute.

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