AUDIO: Tanner Bronson Readies for Cal State

Wisconsin senior guard Tanner Bronson talks to Badger Nation about winning two conference championships in 2008 and preparing for another run in the NCAA Tournament.

Wisconsin senior guard Tanner Bronson -

Partial Transcript:

BN: It doesn't get old putting on a Big Ten champion hat or shirt does it?

Bronson: No it really doesn't. It's a good feeling. We have a lot of guys that are buying in to what we are trying to do, very unselfish and it helped us win championships.

BN: Wisconsin had never won the regular season and conference championship in the same year. Was that ever brought up that today could be another first for this program?

Bronson: Maybe there was a mention of it but like everything we do, we just try to focus on the game we have coming in. We knew Illinois was going to be a good team. It was excited to get the win and to now look back on it, to be the first team to do that is pretty cool.

BN: Another NCAA Tournament for you. That probably doesn't get old either.

Bronson: No. It's a great event. Maybe the best in all of sports and to be apart of that for my fourth year in a row, it'll be a lot of fun. Hopefully we can take it one game at a time and do some damage.

BN: Every time you enter the NCAA Tournament there are 65 capable teams. No exception for your bracket this year. You obviously want to win it all but is a final four out of the question for this team?

Bronson: I don't think it is out of the question. We won't even talk about it until it comes up if we were in an elite eight game. Our next opponent is Cal State Fullerton and from there we'll take it one game at a time. Obviously, it's a quick turn around in tournaments so you have to be prepared. I think that's what helped us be so successful this year, just looking one game at a time.

BN: Did you get a chance to watch them play last night?

Bronson: I didn't get a chance see that. Obviously they are a good team in the tournament. We'll have to prepare and see what we can do.

BN: Looking forward to being a Titan on the scout team for a couple days?

Bronson: Oh yeah, always. I always am.

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