AUDIO: Brian Butch Readies for NCAAs

Fresh off leading the Badgers in points for the second straight game, senior Brian Butch talks about his team's three seed in the NCAA tournament and about how challenging their bracket is.

Wisconsin senior Brian Butch -

Partial Transcript:

Thoughts on Cal State Fullerton?

Butch: I have seen them play a little bit on TV but we'll be able to get home tonight and tomorrow, see what they offer us. What's it like to win both championships?

Butch: That's why you play. You set some goals up and to win the regular season and the tournament, you can say you are the best in 2008.

Do you think you should have been a two instead of a three? Tell us the truth.

Butch: (smiling) You just play who they put out in front of you. I thought we did a great job of putting our resume out there. 29-4 and doing the things we've done, winning the way we've won and beating the teams we've beat. I thought we did a pretty good job and it is up to the committee to put us where they did. We've been doing it all year. Beginning of the year, nobody thought we'd be where we are at now. We just have to keep on playing, keep on beating people and hope it all works out.

Potentially you could go up against Kansas State or O.J. Mayo (and USC). It seems like a tough bracket you guys are in.

Butch:It's a pretty tough bracket. You said it right there. We've had some tough games this year already, too. Going into Indiana and beating Indiana in Assembly Hall, beating Texas at Texas. For us, we just have to worry about us.

Are you worried about going up against an athletic team or do you think you guys match up pretty well?

Butch:There are a lot of good athletes in the Big Ten and our non-conference schedule we had a lot of athletic teams, too. We just worry about what we've been doing, sticking to our rules and seeing how far we can go.

Talk about Mike and Marcus getting all tournament honors. You could pick a number of guys to be recognized but talk about those their contributions to help you guys win this championship?

Butch:Mike and Marcus did a great job of getting it going for us all three games. That's the way it is in a tournament. You have to put them together all three games.

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