AUDIO: Ryan Excited About Road Ahead

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan talks to Badger Nation about the production UW got in its victory over Illinois, the seed in the conference tournament and preparing for Cal State Fullerton.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan -

Partial Transcript:

BN: Your perimeter play today was very exceptional and that seemed to open up a lot of things inside the post, especially for Joe and Brian. Would that be accurate?

Ryan: We're an opportunistic team. We'll take whatever the defense gives us. There are certain things we run off the swing that exploits maybe poor post defense by the other team or poor perimeter defense or teams are jamming one area. It's all based on reads. Is the team overplaying? Are they protecting the rim a lot? Are they switching a lot? It's hard to say but we took advantage of our opportunities I can tell you that.

BN: Only two free throws today, too. You can see that you were very productive in all areas.

Ryan: When you are not getting to the line, you better be shooting a high percentage

BN: A three seed in the Midwest. I know you are not big into seedings but just talk about being in the tournament again.

Ryan: All that stuff about seeding is conversation for the media because with the pod system and all the rules that they have now - you don't want to play a team in your league, you don't want to play a team that you have played in the regular season. To sit there as the committee, how do you do this? There's just too many factors nowadays. Keep the teams closer to home is one thing. It is what it is.

BN: You guys are pretty much as close as you can be with Omaha and looking ahead to Detroit if you get there. Talk about the ability to play somewhat close to home throughout this tournament.

Ryan: Well, when you get on that court and to win as many games as we have away from home this year, with the seniors we have and the juniors we have that have been through a lot. So hopefully where we play shouldn't be as big a factor with a little bit more mature team. But, we need to get some fans there and we need to get people in Omaha with some red on.

I understand that Nebraska has the red color also and also Nebraska is Adidas and we're Adidas. Maybe we'll see a red-Adidas something.

BN: If you win, you get USC or Kansas State. I don't want you to give a preview of that but how excited are you to see two of the top freshmen of the country and maybe play against them.

Ryan: Well I've already seen them. I saw those guys when they were in high school. So it's not that big of deal for me because we'll prepare for their team and with them being a part of the team. We'll go for the first one with all our energies. But one of the assistants and myself will be geared toward Fullerton and the other two assistants, one will have USC and one will have Kansas State.

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