Q&A: Drewiske Ready for NCAA

Wisconsin senior captain Davis Drewsike talks with reporters about the Badgers second chance to make an impact in the NCAA Tournament and being able to play at home in the Kohl Center.

Looking at everything that happened, you've got to feel like you're in pretty good existence right now?

Oh yeah, it gives us new life. We were just talking before practice that it doesn't matter how we got here, we're here. So let's take advantage of it right?

You see the irony in who you are playing don't you?

A little bit. I think the call at the end of the game the first night in Denver, if we end up with one point or two points or whatever in that game, it is a different situation completely with the PairWise and the home ice and the playoffs. It is just great. It is another chance and opportunity for us and that's exactly what we wanted.

How much were you following what was happening around the country the last couple of days?

I did not have it on TV. I was at home with my parents. I don't have the best internet at home, just dial up. So I was messing around with that. But I was getting text messages and calls every period. Everybody was pretty glued into what was going on.

You woke up this morning, whether it was the numbers or what others were talking, did you feel like this was an NCAA team, whether you were worthy or not in the PairWise?

I felt like that the whole year. This team is very worthy. It's a good enough team that we can do some damage in the tournament, especially playing at home. We are very excited about the opportunity.

Considering how you guys snuck in, do you think the three seed is worthy of that?

I don't think the seed really matters a whole lot. We're here, it's a chance and that's all we wanted and we are going to take advantage of that.

You guys were three seconds away from being virtually eliminated on Friday night (Minnesota scored with three seconds remaining that drastically altered the PairWise), what was that like because I am sure guys knew that you needed them to win?

That's exactly why you don't want to leave it up to other people because you have to sit on the edge of your seat and wait and watch and have no control over it. We're just lucky it turned out the way it did.

At any point when you think about all the things that had to happen and they did happen, did you go ‘Are you kidding me? All these dominoes fell for us in a span of three days?'

From whatever reason, when we got eliminated in St. Cloud in the WCHA playoffs, I still felt like in my gut that we were going to get in. That was just optimism but that was what I felt and we had a chance. We take that hope and took that into last week. We still had some practices and did some good things to get ourselves ready to play.

The last time you guys had a week off, rust was very obvious against St. Cloud. How does this team create momentum and avoid that issue because you don't have a second game to fall back on?

I think we have already addressed it a little bit talking with coach. He gave us plenty of warning ahead of time tonight when we met that we were going to get after it this week. We're going to battle a little bit and get some of that rust off because that was an issue for us the last time we played St. Cloud on Friday. Our legs were good, we felt good energy wise, but we did not win a lot of battles and that's the rust for not playing.

You guys played well in Denver in your only meeting with them this year. What's the key with the matchup with Denver and how do you like your chance with them?

Obviously they have great goal tending with guys that have won championships. They are well coached. I like the way we matchup and they probably like that they are coming to the Kohl Center. They have had a lot of success here so I think both teams feel good coming in here, especially them winning the Final Five last weekend. But we feel good with what we can do and playing at home, too.

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