Kendricks Gets An Opportunity

With injuries to Travis Beckum and Garrett Graham keeping them out of spring practices, sophomore tight end Lance Kendricks is getting a chance to show what he can do at his new position.

MADISON - One of the sought after recruits in the state of Wisconsin for the 2006 signing class, sophomore Lance Kendricks was thought to be a talented wide receiver for the Badgers in the future.

The same still holds true, although his position has changed just a touch.

The talented four-star recruit from Milwaukee King H.S., Kendricks was shifted to the tight end position upon arriving at Wisconsin, as the coaching staff sought to utilize Kendricks shear size and agility (6-foot-4, 4.45 40-yard time).

After redshirting his freshman season and continuing to add weight and learn the position, Kendricks has added 15 pounds of muscle and told Badger Nation that his confident level at his new position is the highest it's been since starting his new position.

BN: Talk about this spring camp. You're in the two-deep with Mickey Turner because Travis Beckum and Garrett Graham are out. Have you thought about what a good opportunity this is for you to showcase what you are able to do for this offense?

Lance Kendricks: I think it is a big opportunity. I know that I need to take advantage of every repetition I get. I get a lot of reps. They are split up pretty even. I know that I am getting a lot and that I am making the best out of it. Travis and Garrett are still out there helping us. It's good to have them out there with us.

BN: Has the transition from wide receiver to tight end been somewhat easy or have there been a lot of bumps in the road?

Kendricks: Learning how to block from the line has been tough. Just being able to read the play and block the defensive lineman and read the linebacker is kind of tough. As time goes, however, I am starting to get more confident doing it.

BN: Did you embrace that position when it was first brought to you that they wanted to move you?

Kendricks: Not really. I kind of juggled with it but I realized that I had to do it. I had to get better at it but it took me awhile to embrace it. But from fall season to now, I have learned to like it.

BN: What's been the easy thing for you to pick up in terms of the tight end position?

Kendricks: Probably the routes, running the routes and catching balls. That's what I am use to so that probably has been the easiest thing to get use to.

BN: You have obviously seen Travis make the switch first hand. What has he told you about the transition to the position and helping you make that transition?

Kendricks: You would think that it should be a lot of work but it is manageable, it's doable. He did it and it's a prime example of that and if I work at it, I'll get it down.

BN: What's been the biggest change to you physically since coming here? We didn't see you too much last year and seeing you now, you look totally different physically.

Kendricks: I have definitely gained some weight. I did not lift much in high school and here we lift all the time. It's been a total change in weight, which makes it harder mobility wise. Mobility wise it's a lot tougher but I am starting to get it.

BN: What are you most looking forward to showcasing this spring season to the coaching staff and to your teammates with what you are able to bring to the table?

Kendricks: Just learning how to be confident and to take it down that road. When the play call is this play, I've got to go and do it. My confidence is pretty high right now but I just need to take more reps. I think the most reps I take the more confidence I will get.

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