Injuries Plague Day Five of Spring Camp

Thursday morning brought out the helmets and full pads on the fifth day of spring practice and although the intensity and energy remained high, the Badger football team suffered four injuries during workouts, including a semi-serious injury to senior linebacker Jonathan Casillas.

MADISON - The one position on the defense that had not succumbed to injuries took its first victim Thursday.

Linebacker Jonathan Casillas received a bit of bad luck when his left ankle was accidentally piled on during 9-on-9 drills. Casillas stayed down for a couple minutes before limping off and being attended to and taken to the locker room by trainers.

Casillas returned in street clothes and a walking air cast around his left foot. Talking to reporters afterward, Bielema said the Casillas would probably miss a couple of weeks but he couldn't be absolutely certain.

7-on-6 from 12, 15, and 20-yards out

TE Mickey Turner took advantage of his extended repetitions by making solid catches over the middle, securing the ball and turning up field.

WR Xavier Harris stood out among the wide receivers, catching a touchdown pass from Allan Evridge on an inside slant route, found the end zone on a go route on a pass from Dustin Sherer and with the offense putting four receivers on the left side of the formation, Harris was left in one-on-one coverage and out ran junior cornerback Josh Nettles for the touchdown off a perfect deep pass from Sherer.

WR Kyle Jefferson used his 6-foot-5 frame and seven-inch height advantage over sophomore cornerback Niles Brinkley to sky for a touchdown in the back of the end zone.

The defense made only one interception during the drill and it was a beauty by Jaevery McFadden. The junior linebacker made a clean pick off Evridge when the senior quarterback tried to force the ball into traffic for Turner. McFadden picked the ball cleanly, ran it back and immediately looked for the high five from position coach Randall McCray.

11-on-11 (run plays only)

The secondary sniffed out an end around run by Kyle Jefferson, closing in on No.14 after only a handful of yards, causing McCray to dish out more high-fives.

Lance Smith showed his speed on numerous occasions, cutting back when plays seemed dead in the water. With a dead end at the line of scrimmage, Smith cutback to the outside and raced 20 yards down the sideline.

Working a little bit of spread offense into the spring offensive equation, both Evridge and Curt Phillips took snaps out of the shotgun, rolled either left or right and quickly pitched the ball off. WR Maurice Moore was in the back field for a couple of pitches. For the first time since spring camp started, Elijah Hodge practiced for about 75 minutes, showing great energy on the field and no ill-effects of his injury.

11-on-11 (full playbook)

Zach Brown caught a pass in the flat and as soon as he turned out field was immediately popped by safety Jay Valai, who had snuffed out the play.

Defensive End Matt Shaughnessy continued to lead by example on the line, beating left tackle Gabe Carimi on a few occasions and was able to pat down a Sherer pass despite having Carimi and Kemp blocking him.

Freshman running back John Clay was far and away the most impressive offense player on Thursday morning. Utilizing his cutback ability throughout the morning, Clay cut to the outside and went 10 yards with Brinkley latched onto his back.

A couple plays later, Clay was at it again, juking twice and heading to the outside, leaving Chris Maragos and Prince Moody fooled and left in his dust.

Feeling left out, freshman quarterback Curt Phillips had his chance to shine running the football. Faking a handoff and with a good sell from his linemen, Phillips ran a quarterback draw that fooled the defense, allowing the freshman to rack up nearly 12 yards.

While showing off his speed early, Lance Smith showed off his awareness in 11-on-11. When a sweep to the right side was stymied, Smith turned back to the left where backside containment was absent and raced 15-yards downfield.


In addition to Casillas, the Badger injury list Thursday, although mostly minor, still continued add up.

In addition to the players already missing spring practice because of injuries, defensive end Ricky Garner was held out of Thursday's practice after injury his hamstring on Tuesday.

WR Nick Toon was injured in split work and limped out into the locker room. He returned 45 minutes later in shorts and was walking gingerly.

LB DeAndre Levy dislocated his right ring finger during 9-on-9 drills. After a quick pop back into place, and taping the last to fingers together, Levy ran back onto the field, saying ‘Aww Yeah!'

SS Jay Valai went down in a heap during 11-on-11 drills holding his right ankle. On the turf for about two minutes, Valai was helped up, walked it off and did not miss a play.


Former Badger and Buffalo Bills safety Jim Leonhard made an appearance toward the end of practice, talking with Allen Langford and a bunch of other defensive backs.

2008 Badger recruit Erik Smith was in attendance with head coach was John Ivlow and a bunch of other players from Bolingbrook High School.

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