AUDIO: Wisconsin Hockey Post Game

Wisconsin head coach Mike Eaves, junior Shane Connelly and sophomores Michael Davies and Jamie McBain address the media following its 6-2 NCAA Tournament victory over Denver at the Kohl Center

Wisconsin Post Game -

Head Coach Mike Eaves

Opening Statement: "Our concern going into the game tonight was the rest factor in terms if we could get our legs and bodies going at a tempo that would allow us to get off to a good start. Two weeks ago when we played St. Cloud, we had issues with that. This past week we tried to change our practice to give us a little different look. I felt that the first ten minutes tonight we did a pretty good job of playing in tempo, and getting the first goal was good. It got the crowd in the game and we got the start we needed."

On the upcoming matchup with North Dakota: "Like Denver, we've only played them twice this year. North Dakota doesn't change very much in terms of how they play. They play with great pace, tenacity, and we've got to be ready for that. Tonight we'll start changing our mind frame, start taking a look at doing penalty killing and at the power play, and see what we can do five-on-five."

On the two weeks off before playing: "We came out and we were playing the way we needed to. We were on our toes, we were playing aggressively [and] winning battles. [We] had some big hits and scored a goal. I felt that Denver picked up their pace and they were stealing pucks from us. We weren't moving and I thought, ‘Oh boy, We've fallen off. Are we able to keep that pace up?' In the second period, I felt we reached that level we needed to play at and we continued it through the game."

Player Quotes

Davis Drewiske on the team's play in the third period: "It was just a goofy period. There were a lot of emotions going on. We got a goal from Cody [Goloubef] and then we're up and then they cut it back to two goals. It's nerve-racking, but I think we did a good job of capitalizing on our opportunities."

Davis Drewiske on having a week off: "I think we actually started pretty well. The first six or seven minutes, I thought we were pretty good. We had a little lull there, maybe about halfway through the first period where they kind of took control, but we responded well after that and I thought we got better as the game went on."

Shane Connelly on the penalty kill/shot flurry in first period: "They were in there for two minutes. [It was] just a wonderful job by the penalty kill. We practiced it all week. That was a point of reference. We said before the game that the penalty kill has got to step up. [It] helped me get into the game real early. There were a bunch of flurries and that just helped me get into it. We were real tired out there but, this time of year you've got to get the job done. It was a tremendous job by the penalty kill all night, but especially early on to keep them off the board."

Michael Davies on whether they were tournament worthy: "Definitely. We came out the way we wanted to. We wanted to dictate and move our feet, and we were just out there to prove a lot of people wrong right now. This is another opportunity and we're going to take advantage of this one."

Jaime McBain on team's motivation this week: "We've heard it all week. We've heard it from the press and around the rink. It's something we try to tune out, but also something we try to grab and try to take it and motivate us. Go [out] there, play hockey, prove people wrong and we have nothing to lose because people doubt us anyways. We're just trying to prove people wrong and have a good run here."

Shane Connelly on home ice advantage and the fans: "It was unbelievable. It just gives us a boost. We talked about that before the game. Every time we play a home game, we try to get the crowd into it and we did that. We had an awesome start. It gives them something to cheer about and gives us momentum. It might not affect the other team, but it certainly helps our team a ton. We try to keep the fans in the game and keep the fans in the game. It was a tremendous job by us and the fans were awesome."

Jamie McBain on getting a two-goal lead: "It's always good when you have a lead, It makes the game easier. You don't have to run around as much, and you don't have to force as many things. We were fortunate to get a lead and we haven't played with the lead too much this year. It's always nice to get up and you can't sit back, but it gives you confidence. You just keep going; you pop one in and you keep it simple and it keeps working out."

Michael Davies on breakaway goal: "Davis (Drewiske) blocked a shot and I just picked it up and I just took off. It was probably fastest I skated all year. He gave me the five-hole and I just tucked it in."

Shane Connelly on defense tonight: "It was huge. They made my job a lot easier. They started off by blocking shots and then just they just did a good job of picking everyone up at the net. If I'm only having to make one save instead of two or three, it's going to be a lot easier night for me. It was just a tremendous job all around by forwards getting back and blocking shots and the defensemen. They stepped up their game and just made my job a lot easier. I was seeing pucks through traffic and they were clearing out and I just had to worry about the first save and they had the rest. We were getting off pretty easy. Excellent job [by] the defensemen and forwards."

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