AUDIO: Denver NCAA Post Game

Denver head coach George Gwozdecky and seniors Peter Mannino, Tom May and Patrick Mullen address the media following its 6-2 loss to Wisconsin in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Denver Post Game -

Head Coach George Gwozdecky

Opening statements: "I first of all would like to congratulate the University of Wisconsin; terrific tournament, how they've operated this so far. I'd like to just congratulate the Badgers on an outstanding game they played against us. They scored early and forced us into a position where we had to play catch up. It's funny how this game works at times—it's fractions of an inch. We had our chances; we had a number of great opportunities to score, and missed or shot and hit posts. My hats off to Wisconsin; the Badgers did a great job. Also like to extend my appreciation to our seniors—Zach Blom, Tom May, Peter Mannino and Andy Thomas—they did a great job as our leaders this year on our team. They've left an indelible mark on our program, and the character, integrity, the passion, the honesty and the work ethic they put in as Pioneers will long be remembered. I'm extremely proud of them and thank them."

On the advantage of playing consistently the last few weeks: "I really thought that we had at least somewhat of an edge going into the game, because you get into a routine in six-and-a-half months of playing for at least almost every weekend. I felt going into the game that we would have some kind of an edge. Obviously, the other end of things—they've got maybe, arguably, the best fans that make the best noise, and a band that was terrific. I don't know if that cancels out our edge, but I will say this, it's been a great ride. I think every team, especially in this league, goes through challenges and adversity, and many times it's how you respond to those issues that make or break your season. The reason I'm so proud of them is because many of the issues we went through, some of them we control, some of them we could not control, and as I told them in the locker room, I thanked them all, especially the seniors, because it has been a very challenging year, but a very enjoyable year. It's been a great ride. I'm very proud to coach this hockey team."

On saying goodbye to the senior class: "They're only half of what they were when they were freshman. A few of the guys left that class early to pursue professional careers. I think through the course of four years, especially at this age, you go through all kinds of changes and adjustments, and I think all four of our seniors would agree with that. It hasn't been all roses, but there is no question that they are better men now than they were when the first came in. They're all going to graduate, they all will be life-long friends with each other and their teammates and they'll have some great memories to look back on; hopefully we'll have a chance to watch these guys a little bit more on the TV in the next year and the years to follow."

Player Quotes

Tom May on the play of Shane Connelly: "He played a great game for them. The defense was playing well in front of him. They cleared away the rebounders and tied our forwards up."

Andrew Thomas on missing early scoring opportunities: "The first goal is essential, especially when you're playing on the road in front of another team's home crowd. I'm real proud of our forwards and our defensemen. We shot the puck very well all game. We put a lot of bodies in front of [Shane] Connelly; unfortunately we couldn't put it in."

Andrew Thomas on having to play this game at the Kohl Center: "For us it's just another weekend in the WCHA. I think there are so many Olympic-size ice surfaces throughout our league that it's not too much different for us. It's up to the NCAA. It's one of those things where they're all over the country, whether it's Hockey East, WCHA or CCHA. It almost played into our hands. We've played real well on Olympic-size ice this year."

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