AUDIO/TRANSCRIPT: Wisconsin Post Game

Wisconsin head coach Mike Eaves along with senior Davis Drewiske, sophomore Jamie McBain and freshman Kyle Turris address the media following UW's 3-2 overtime loss.

Wisconsin Hockey Post Game -

Wisconsin Partial Transcript:

Head Coach Mike Eaves

Opening comment: "It's kind of ironic, paradoxical tonight. Last night we were very excited, and I think it stings a little bit more tonight because we were so close. We got off to the start that we wanted, had a 2-to-nothing lead [and] hit about four posts. [We] couldn't get that next goal that maybe would have given us a little bit more of a spread that would have been harder to come back from. Being a veteran team, North Dakota stayed on it, stayed on it and got themselves back in the game. We couldn't quite find the answer physically with energy at the end there. Maybe they wore us down, I'm not sure, but their veteran guys played well at the end and got the job done."

On Shane Connelly's performance: "We talked about three keys going into this weekend in order to win the playoffs: your goaltending has to be good, and your special teams, and the beginning, as I said in the opening comment. I thought all three were there. I thought that Shane (Connelly) did a nice job for us, the power play was basically two for three tonight, and the penalty kill off all the power plays. In the end, they got to some loose pucks, and the put the puck in the nets. As far as our goaltending, I thought Shane was very solid for us.

On expectations and emotions: "I think there are both sides here. I think as Bo Ryan talked about, when you lose and you're so close, it stings, it stings deeply, and one of the things we talked about after the game is that you've got to use that for next year. The guys that are returning here, when they get tired this summer, they've got to take what they heard at the end of this game and use that to motivate themselves to get more conditioned, stronger, so that they build that will. When you get to moments like this, it's our will versus theirs, and in the end, their veteran guys showed their will, They weren't going to settle for anything and they got the job done; unfortunately, we didn't.

Player Quotes

Wisconsin's Davis Drewiske on giving up two goals in one minute: "It's tough. They're obviously a very good team and you expect some kind of push from them like that. We still had confidence in what we were doing and we settled in there a little bit after they got those two quick goals, so it felt like we were going to pull through."

Wisconsin's Davis Drewiske on the team's performance: "I thought we were just riding that wave of emotion just from having that second life of getting a chance to be in the tournament and wanting to prove some people wrong. We wanted to prove that we deserved to be here. We were riding pretty high there, especially in the second period tonight. I thought we were completely controlling the game there for a while in the second."

Davis Drewiske on two goals by North Dakota: It's tough but you know they're a very good team, you expect some kind of push from them like that. Up and down the bench we had confidence in what we were doing. We settled in there a little bit after they got those two quick goals. We still felt like we were going to pull through. Like coach was saying, with a two-goal lead it's tough some times. We had some great opportunities to make it a three-goal lead. That one goal would have been a huge for our confidence and letting us relax and playing, just staying loose and playing.

Jamie McBain on his goal: "It was a play we've drawn up in practice. Kyle (Turris) made a great look, good pass and they really had no chance. All I had to do was tap it into the empty net. It kind of gave us another boost. We kept going there through the second period."

Kyle Turris on North Dakota's effect on Wisconsin: "They might have worn us down a little bit. I thought we came out with a lot of energy in the game. As the game went on, they might have worn us down a little bit, but I think emotionally we still had energy. The crowd helped us and we just wanted to keep going and try to do everything it takes."

Kyle Turris on North Dakota's overtime goal: "I lost the face off, and I should have won that. It went back to the point, I tried to follow my guy through the slot and I saw the D-man wind up so I just stayed there and tried to block it. I tried blocking it with my arm. I thought I hit it, blocked it, it came back out in the slot. I don't know where it went but I think their guy kind of one-timed it."

Davis Drewiske on next year's team: "There's a lot of talent [here]. More importantly, there's a lot of character amongst the freshmen and sophomores. We came together quite a bit as a group this year, and I hope we can continue that to build that bond between each other. I hope they can use the results from tonight for fuel for the fire. I look forward to seeing them do some great things together."

North Dakota Post Game

Head Coach Dave Hakstol

Opening statements: "[Wisconsin] has been out for two weeks here, and they obviously did a tremendous job of preparing and being ready to play for this regional tournament, so congratulations to them.

Collectively as a group of 25 players, what a tremendous performance to overcome all types of adversity through the first couple periods tonight, as they've done all year. They stuck together, believed in one another and found a way to get the job done tonight. That comes from the leadership from our captains and all 25 guys."

On pinpointing the defining moment of the road to the Frozen Four: "I don't know if there is really one. There's not one defining moment. I've heard a lot of questions with our hockey team about our first half, some inconsistencies, some ups and downs through the first half. When you start with good players, a whole bunch of good people in the locker room and the attitude and work ethic that this group of 25 guys has, you have a chance of success. We saw the work ethic right from when the guys showed up this fall from summer, so there isn't one defining moment. This team has been developing and building throughout the year."

On playing Boston College: "We'll turn our focus to them as soon as we get back to Grand Forks tomorrow and the next day. It's going to be a heck of a game. It's one we're going to prepare really hard for. They got us last year, and obviously that's something that sticks with you. We're going to prepare hard, and we're going to go in there and play hard. The best team is going to win on that particular night."

Player Quotes

Ryan Duncan on scoring the two goals in the third period: "Wisconsin outplayed us in the first two periods. We kind of got a little momentum off our power play at the start of the third and then our captain, our leader, Rylan Kaip, has been outstanding all year, but he doesn't get all the accolades and stuff some of the guys do on our team. [He] made an outstanding play. They had been doing a great job blocking shots all night and I just tried to get my shot through the net."

Andrew Kozek on his overtime goal: "I saw the puck laying there at the hashmark and I took a whack at it and I heard someone say that it skipped off the ice. I wasn't trying to put it anywhere. It was just fortunate that it went in for us."

Jean-Philippe Lamoureux on the team's attitude after the second period: "As a whole, you just have to regroup. I think certainly Wisconsin got a lucky break on that second [goal] at the end of the second period. It could've been demoralizing for a team to give up a goal and a two-goal lead going into the third [period] on top of that. But we regrouped collectively. It's a position we've been in before this year and our big-time leaders stepped up and made big plays for us. We have a quiet confidence in our dressing room. We're comfortable in these situations and the bottom line is that you have to go out and execute plays."

Jean-Philippe Lamoureux on Michael Davies' breakaway: "I feel comfortable poke-checking and being a smaller guy. I try to be aggressive when I can. I saw as he was coming down the slot, he put his down for a minute and he, being a right-handed shot, just poke-checking to my right side, I was able to cut off his ice and try and force him to make a good shot. If he could put it upstairs from where he was, or go bar-down, you have to tip your hat to the guy. Coming in on a breakaway with speed, it's a difficult play. I was confident in my decision-making and fortunate I made the save."

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