Player's Diary #10: Andrew Weininger

There will be a special treat for Badger fans this Sunday morning. Madison Square Garden Network, which is available on DirecTV and other satellite systems, will be broadcasting Andrew Weininger's Sectional Championship Game, as the Harrison Huskies battle Edgemont in a rematch also featuring Matt Bernstein's younger brother Ben. The game will be broadcast on MSG at 7 a.m. Sunday morning (CST). This column was written for The Journal News, a Gannett newspaper in Westchester County, NY.

At the end of the game last Saturday against Rye I got choked up. It wasn't because we were losing. In fact the game was well in hand, Harrison leading 35-15. It was because it was my last game at Feeley Field. Since I was a little boy I had dreamt of playing football in front of a large crowd on that field. And I've been privileged to do that many times since I started playing midget football in fourth grade.

With little over a minute left in the game, the backup offensive tackle came into the game, as the coaches tried to get everyone in the game. I heard my name being called from the sidelines and I knew that was it. I had played my last play on Feeley Field.

But, I couldn't have asked for it to have gone any better.

As a team we played great. Our offense is just getting better every week. We scored quickly on our first two possessions. We would move the ball consistently for a few plays and then break a big run. Our defense wasn't as stifling as in the first Rye game but we played more then well enough to win.

Tonight is the big one!

Over the past four years Edgemont and Harrison have accounted for seven of eight class B and C Section titles. Last year we won class B and Edgemont won class C. This year with Edgemont having moved up to class B only one of us will win the section.

Edgemont is a very good and well coached football team. In week five, we won a really close game with them. It came down to a last second field goal. But we did that without one of our most important players, Rudy Arcara, and we didn't bring our "A" game. It was duing a very difficult time in the season. We were getting a lot of negative attention and it was our first week back together as a full team. That win was a huge boost for our team. After we lost two close games in the previous six games, to Peru in the 2001 state semi-finals and to Rondout in the first game of this season. A loss to Edgemont would have been devastating to our team, but we did what we had to do to win and since that game our team has improved every week. But now that game means absolutely nothing. Tonight's game is the only one that matters. We know it. They know it. We also know that we can't give up 28 points and expect to win. We have a very strong defense and at times in our first meeting they had us playing on our heels. We have to be better tacklers tonight and push them back.

Tonight is the first time this season that both teams truly face the possibility of sudden elimination. The past two weeks if we lost we knew that at least we would be able to strap the pads on one more time in a consolation game. If we lose tonight, as soon as we get back to the high school, coach Troilo will collect our pads and the 2002 Harrison High School football team will be done. We have worked all year in the weight room and on the track, worked our tails off during double sessions and gotten closer and closer as teammates and better and better as a team as the season has progressed. I promise you that we will play our hearts out and do everything possible to not let this be the last time that we are Huskies.

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