AUDIO: Spring Through Bielema's Eyes

With the spring game being their 15th and final practice of the 2008 spring season, Badger head coach Bret Bielema saw some things he liked from his team and plenty of things he didn't.

Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema -

Partial Transcript: Opening Comments: Out there on the field today, the one thing we wanted to stress to our guys was to keep moving forward with what we are doing—on offense, defense and special teams. There were certain things that we said at the beginning of the spring we wanted to accomplish with these 15 workouts. I think a lot of kids took a positive step in the right direction. There weren't a lot of negative things out there. We were trying to get used to the new NCAA clock rule, the 40/25 (-second play clock). We were basically charting every snap to see what we were getting the ball off at. That was not only for our process, but also for the officials and the timing crew here.

Another big thing that we wanted to do was to get out of the game relatively injury-free. The only guy that suffered anything was Zach Brown. The X-rays have already come back negative, so he just has a bruise on his outside shin. And then to update on Matt Shaughnessy. Matt basically went through a procedure late yesterday afternoon to put a pin in his leg. He basically broke his (fibula). It was a very positive surgery. They feel that within, I think, six to eight weeks, they will take the screws out and he should be back with us for fall camp.

On the quarterbacks: I thought the quarterbacks did an outstanding job of moving the ball early, but threw a couple critical interceptions. They were good plays defensively, but on the flip side, we can't turn the ball over. I think we had a lot of yardage. I haven't seen any numbers yet, but I believe we had a ton of yardage out there, but not a lot of points. And then two big drops in the end zone by Isaac (Anderson) and Mickey (Turner), that you can't just do those things and expect to win big football games. I was happy with what the quarterbacks did. We probably will kind of approach it similar to what we did a year ago as far as naming a starter. We will get into fall camp, see where the guys are at, see who is consistent and name a starter probably two weeks out from the game.

On the biggest factors in naming a quarterback: Consistency and how they handle the game. Bottom line, a quarterback has to manage a game. I was excited to see a little bit today, [that] there was some pretty good field presence. There were a few mishandled snaps, but I think that was some quarterbacks not working with their normal centers. With the main guys who were in there, I didn't see any issues. And for the most part, I liked how the way they handled and managed the huddles.

On the defense only giving up two scores: I think they gave up some yardage, but they made that up with some big plays … Chris Maragos with that big-time interception. And then that last one, if we were in a normal Big Ten game, I would have had my flag out on that one, to get that one to review. I think the biggest thing is that we got an extended amount of looks at guys that normally wouldn't get that much, with guys like Jeff Stehle and Chris Maragos, who never played a snap of safety in his life and looked like a guy who belongs out there today. I think the big thing is that we have to take the positives from the negatives.

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