Budmayr Appreciates Badger Interaction

With the Badgers being his first scholarship offer, Illinois prep quarterback Jon Budmayr has drawn considerable interest since. However, Wisconsin still remains near the top of his list.

MADISON - Jon Budmayr doesn't get rattled easily.

Leading Marion Central Catholic to a runner up finish in the Illinois State 6A high school football championship in 2006, Budmayr's Hurricanes went 10-3 in 2007 and got back to the state semifinals for a second-straight year.

Although the all-state quarterback threw for 2,033 yards and 15 touchdowns, Budmayr missed five games with a partially torn hamstring but was able to step right back into the offense and be effective at his return.

"It was a roller coaster," Budmayr told Badger Nation of his junior season. "With that injury, you really realize how much you love football because it's so tough to sit out there and watch. The team, I thought, did a great job. They never backed down, kept fighting and when I came back, I was able to enjoy it with them."

Never doubting his talented, Budmayr had no butterflies when he stepped back on the field after his injury. The only overwhelming moment for Budmayr came even before the 2007 season started, which was when Wisconsin offered him his first full scholarship.

"They saw me throw at a Nike camp at Purdue and to be honest, I was honored to receive an offer from them that early," Budmayr said. "It showed the confidence that they had in my abilities. They said they liked watching me throw and that I did some good things. I was really thankful for it at that time because it was the first offer I received. It helped me get more opportunities."

Those opportunities have come in scholarship offers from Arizona, Illinois, Nebraska and Northwestern. But the major player in the sweepstakes for his services lately has been Notre Dame, which has shown a lot of interest in Budmayr but has yet to extend a formal offer.

"I've been to Notre Dame several times and when I was younger, too," Budmayr said. "I really got to start talking with the coaches in the last year so it's been a fun time with that. Honestly though, I am treating and evaluating Notre Dame like every other school."

Going through the process by visiting all the schools on his radar, Budmayr made his third visit to Wisconsin on April 9, taking in the Badgers 10th spring practice of the season.

"It was great. I got to talk with Coach Bielema, Coach Chryst and Coach McCray, who is recruiting me," Budmayr said of his visit. "They've been great. They've given me some good advice throughout the process. I have really been able to build a great relationship with all three of them. They've been very respectful of my time and been pretty patient with me going through this process. Taking in a practice was nice because you get to see the guys that they brought in early in January and how the team is going to look for next fall."

While some high school players get overwhelmed with the process, Budmayr hasn't reached that point. Dealing with friendly, quality people has helped Budmayr focus more on the pros of schools instead of navigating through the sales pitches.

"I have tried to build a relationship with each of the coaches and the biggest thing is communication," he said. "You've got be honest with all these guys and all you ask in turn is that they are honest with you. When you get that communication going, it makes for a lot smoother process."

With his only summer plans being the Nike Camp at Ohio State in the middle of May, Budmayr plans to give his solid verbal commitment in the next coming months so he focus on his senior season, a season that he hopes will be the best one yet.

"I'm going to go through the evaluation process for another couple weeks to see who all comes in," he said. "Once I get down with that, I think I'll have a pretty good idea of what schools are most interested in me and I'll narrow it down from there. I would like to do it before my senior season. That could be in the next couple weeks or the end of July. As soon as I feel comfortable and know it's the right fit, I won't wait any longer."

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