Budmayr Brings Class to Madison

Giving his verbal commitment to Wisconsin coaches Tuesday morning, 6-foot-1, 195-pound Illinois prep quarterback Jon Budmayr talks about becoming the fourth member of the 2009 Wisconsin recruiting class.

MADISON - With his mind already made up to where he was going to go to school, Illinois prep quarterback Jon Budmayr prepared to make that call to inform the coaches of his decision. But unlike so many other athletes who pick up the phone to deliver the news, Budmayr packed his parents and brothers in the car, drove 100 miles north and told the Wisconsin coaching staff that he wanted to be apart of the program.

That's Jon Budmayr is a nutshell: If you're loyal to him, he's loyal to you.

With the Badgers being the first school to offer Budmayr and stay supportive throughout the process, Budmayr rewarded Wisconsin for its class and respect, becoming the fourth member of Wisconsin's 2009 recruiting class by giving his verbal commitment Tuesday morning.

Later that evening, a much relieved and delighted Budmayr told Badger Nation's Benjamin Worgull about what brought him to his decision.

BN: First off, congratulations on your commitment. I know you wanted to commit before your senior year. Was this the perfect timing for you to get this done before summer started?

Jon Budmayr: From day one, I wanted to have my decision done before senior year but I also said that as soon as I knew it was a perfect fit, I wasn't going to hold back. I just felt that Wisconsin was a perfect fit for me. I can't thank my family, my parents, my brothers and sisters, for all the support they have given me. My coaches and teammates were just great throughout this whole process and I am very excited about it and very thankful for it. I prayed about it quite a bit and talked to my family and knew it was the right fit for me.

BN: You talk about that perfect fit. When did you know that Wisconsin was going to be that ‘perfect fit' for you? When did it click?

Jon Budmayr: It was probably a few days ago or a week ago. Like I said, I prayed about it a lot and talked with my family about it. It just hit me that it felt like Wisconsin was where I wanted to go. I love the place. I love the atmosphere. The coaches are just all great. Everything about it, my academics and spirituality is all there. It's just the right fit for me.

BN: Who was the first person you told when you came to the decision and what was the reaction?

Jon Budmayr: It was my family. They were very excited. Like I said, from day one they had been so supportive. My parents gave me the opportunity to look at so many schools throughout the spring. They were very excited for me and I couldn't thank them enough.

BN: How did you notify the coaching staff?

Jon Budmayr: We came up to Madison this morning (Tuesday). My parents and my two brothers came up with me. We went in there and had a meeting with Coach Bielema, Coach Chryst and Coach McCray and told them exactly what I was feeling. They were very excited and thrilled that the process was over and that I was going to be a Badger.

BN: Most people when they commit, they do it over the phone or with a text message. Why did you decide to take the time to drive up here and tell them face to face?

Jon Budmayr: Just because how great they have been throughout the process. They started recruiting me a year ago and they have been very patient with me and never pressed me to do anything that I wasn't comfortable with. I felt that they deserved to be told in person and I really wanted to tell them in person because of the great relationship I've built with them. There was nothing better than letting them know that I was going to be a Badger.

BN: Was that the big selling point with Wisconsin Jon? The last time I talked to you, you said that Wisconsin had been there since day one, were you first offer and really respected you going through the process. Was the selling point that they offered you and then wavered from that offer?

Jon Budmayr: Absolutely Ben. They were the first school to offer me and as the evaluation came up throughout the spring, I was fortunate enough to get other opportunities. I looked at those schools and it kept coming back to Wisconsin. Like I said, after praying about and talking about it to my family, I knew it was a perfect fit for me, my spirituality, which is important to me, my academics and the football program is great. Everything was right.

BN: Obviously Notre Dame is a big program and they obviously made a push for you. How hard did they push for you and what was the determining factor between the Irish and the Badgers?

Jon Budmayr: It wasn't anything in particular. I just went with what was the perfect fit for me and that was Wisconsin. Notre Dame is a great school and all but Wisconsin suited me better.

BN: Lastly, can you put into words how excited you are right now? Is it a weight off the shoulders? Is it excitement? Relief?

Jon Budmayr: I am very excited and so thankful for the opportunity Wisconsin has given me. I can't wait until my senior year is done to just be doing the workouts with my teammates. It's going to be great. It's going to be a lot of fun and it feels great to be a Badger.

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