Devin Harris Talks about Opening Night

The Badger men's basketball team opens up its season tonight against Eastern Washington in the NABC Classic at the Kohl Center. Ronny Whitworth caught up with starting point guard Devin Harris to get his last-second thoughts on the season opener.

BN: Do you have any butterflies heading into this season opener?
BR> Harris: That's pretty much out of the way with the exhibition games. We're a little bit looser now, we know what the atmosphere and the crowd is going to be like now, so it's a more comfortable feeling.

BN: Are you happy with the way the team looked in those two exhibition games? Harris: We showed some improvement from the first game. We did some things in the second game that we didn't do in the first game. We learned from our mistakes.

BN: Are you more comfortable at the point guard position now than you were at the start of practice?

Harris: Yeah, I made some improvements from the first game to the second game, made better reads and decisions out there and I took care of the ball (better).

BN: Do you see some of these young guys like Alando Tucker and Boo Wade becoming real contributors this season the way you did last year?

Harris: All the freshmen are capable of doing that. They might do it at different times and in different places, but they will be forces coming off the bench, and they will be ready to contribute.

BN: Alando Tucker already broke Michael Finley's school record for vertical leap. Have you ever seen somebody jump like him before?

Harris: No, he's unique in that way. I've seen a couple of guys, but he's got the complete package. He can score in the post as well as jump and play defense. So he's very unique in that way.

BN: Last year you only lost one time in the Kohl Center, and this year, the schedule is flip-flopped so the majority of your games are at home. Do you feel that strong home-court advantage playing at the Kohl Center?

Harris: Yeah, it's a tribute to our fans. They're always here packing it in, and we just get more force out there, we get pumped up as the crowd gets us into it. That makes us play hard and get after it a little bit more.

BN: What are some of the things this team still needs to iron out, or things that concern you heading into the first game?

Harris: There's a lot of things we need to work on. I really can't specify just one. I know we're coming together all the time. The more time we're out there, the more we're coming together and we'll become more of a team and better that way.

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