Building Confidence

Going through four camps in a 10-day span, Walworth's Travis Frederick saw his confidence balloon with each passing day, including getting a scholarship from North Dakota State. But when head coach Bret Bielema extended a scholarship offer to play for the Badgers, Frederick's confidence came into question.

MADISON – When he first planned out his summer schedule, Walworth's Travis Frederick highlighted June 14 through the 24th, knowing that his stretch of summer camps would make or break his summer recruitment.

Thankfully, it wasn't the latter.

On a Midwest tour that took him from Minneapolis, to Fargo (ND), to Madison and lastly to Iowa City, Frederick and his confidence grew each and every day, as he sharpened his craft with every pit stop along the way.

"That whole sequence was awesome for me," Frederick told Badger Nation. "I started in Minnesota and learned a couple things there and did extremely well there. So I started off with some momentum when I went to North Dakota State. I did extremely well up there and pick up a couple things with my technique and ended up getting an offer, which made me feel better about myself.

"I came to Wisconsin for camp and I hit it hard and did well," he continued. "Coach Bostad picked up on some of the stuff I had learned recently and I thought I did really well and Coach Bostad said I did really well. I think going to those camps before hand really helped me because I picked up on some really good stuff."

Frederick's performance was so solid at Wisconsin's camp that it led to an official offered on Monday, June 23rd around 10:30 p.m. He could have gotten it sooner if he would have stuck around.

With his last stop being at Iowa, Frederick, unbeknown to Coach Bret Bielema, left camp early to head to Iowa City. Although the Wisconsin head coach was going to take the recruit up to his office and extend a scholarship, Bielema ended up calling Frederick and talking to him and his parents before offering a scholarship over the phone.

The chain of events was actually a blessing in disguise for Frederick, as part of him felt that he wasn't good enough to be able to play at Wisconsin.

"After I got the Wisconsin offer, I was actually still keeping my options open," he said. "I was pretty shocked and surprised that I got the offer. I honestly didn't think I was big enough or fast enough for what Wisconsin was looking for. I wanted to keep my options open so I went down to Iowa and worked hard. There technique was a little bit differently than anything I had ever done before, which made it hard to pick up on. I thought I did pretty well but I haven't talked to the coaches since the camp."

Back in Walworth and mulling over four scholarship offers (Air Force, Navy, North Dakota State and Wisconsin), Frederick and his family were invited by Coach Bielema invited for a visit and it proved to be the eye opener Frederick's needed.

"I saw things I have never seen before with a football team, especially being in Coach Bielema's office, which was a huge thing for me," Frederick said. "We got to see some of the players during some of their workouts and it was like an everyday thing for them. I got to see how they preformed together like it was a routine and how much like a family it really is."

Be able to play both offensive and defensive line in high school, Frederick said Coach Bostad will be using him as a guard on the Badgers' offensive line.

"Coach Bostad told me that I am a guard because of the way I am built," Frederick said. "He sees me as a strong, solid guy that goes in there and runs people over and that I use that to my advantage. He says that I have good feet and that's what he needs on the line."

With the process now behind him and the confidence in his abilities at an all-time high, Frederick knows he can perform at the college level and knows that he doesn't want to do it anywhere but Wisconsin.

"I am extremely confident that I made the right decision and that is going to benefit me the rest of my life," he said. "I am extremely confident in the university and their athletics and I am very excited to be there for at least the next four years."

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