Wanting Moore

After two stellar seasons playing strong side linebacker for Springfield North H.S., Austin Moore was waiting patiently for his scholarship offers to start flying in. After a working out at a bunch of summer camps, Moore is up to three offers and has caught the eye of some big time Big Ten programs.

Austin Moore really wanted to get the recruiting process started and after two solid years playing strong side linebacker from Springfield North (OH) High School, it's easy to see why.

After a sophomore year when he had 127 tackles and was named second-team all conference, Moore totaled 146 tackles (90 solo stops), three sacks and an interception, earning him a first-team all conference nomination.

After that sterling season, Moore got his wish when home state Toledo extended his first offer after he came to the school's summer camp.

"It was really good to get that Toledo offer because it started the whole recruiting thing for me," Moore told Badger Nation. "I was looking forward to getting that offer because I didn't know when I was going to get it. Once I got it, I was excited about it because it shows that my hard work paid off."

The good news didn't stop their for Moore during his summer camp as stops at Bowling Green and Miami (OH) yielded two more scholarship offers and camps at Michigan and Ohio State served as real confidence boosters.

"All the summer camps went really well and I got three offers after going to them," Moore said. "Bowling Green, Miami (OH) and Toledo all gave me an offer. All in all, that's pretty good."

One school, however, that didn't get a chance to see Moore was Wisconsin. Originally being recruited by departed offensive line coach Bob Palcic, the Badgers were hoping to get Moore into camp to see his skills first hand. After originally saying he would attend Wisconsin's one-day camp, Moore had to pull his name out of the hat after his schedule became too hectic.

"I haven't had a chance to really see their campus like Michigan and Ohio State because Madison is further away," Moore said. "I was looking forward to going to I could see what the school is about. I know that Wisconsin is a real good school and I want to play Big Ten ball somewhere. If that's Wisconsin, then I'll go play at Wisconsin."

In addition to his three camp scholarship offers, Moore might be getting two offers from two big rivals, as he camped in Columbus and Ann Arbor.

"The Ohio State coaches told me to keep in contact with them and invited me down for their first game of the season," Moore said. "Both Ohio State and Michigan said that I am on their radar and they are going to continue to look at me and recruit me hard."

While most of the interest in Moore has been from the state of Ohio and the surrounding areas, there is only other thing Moore cares about when choosing a school is going somewhere where he has a chance to play.

"I want to play wherever I can or wherever I get a chance with a scholarship, whether that school is from far away or not," Moore said. "Most of the interest so far is from around the Midwest but it doesn't matter. I want to play ball somewhere that's going to give me a chance."

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