Pompano Power

Although heavily persuaded by his football friends to transfer to a bigger high school to get noticed, Florida-prep linebacker Antwon Higgs is proving that solid talent, no matter the school size, always gets noticed.

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Just a small blip on the radar between Miami and Palm Springs, Pompano Beach is known better for its sandy white beaches than its high school football players.

Linebacker Antwon Higgs was well aware of that but despite constant badgering from his area friends to transfer to a high school better known for its football program, thus attracting more scouts, Higgs' decision to stay committed to his team at Pompano Beach Institute turned out to be a good move.

Finishing with 120 tackles and six sacks during his junior campaign, Higgs has become of the best defensive players in south Florida and the 38th-best strongside linebacker in the nation according to Scout.

"All of my years and Pompano, big schools never came around to watch players play or work out," Higgs told Badger Nation. "All my friends were telling me that I needed to transfer in order to get noticed and I was kind of thinking that but I became so surprised when spring came around and I started getting all this attention and all these offers from big schools."

Since his stellar season ended, Higgs picked up his first scholarship offer from South Carolina and 13 more offers soon followed from schools like Kansas State, Louisville, Mississippi State, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

While defensive coordinator Dave Doeren has been known in past years for plucking high-quality talent from the South Florida area, new assistant coach Charles Partridge has taken over that role and targeted Higgs from the very beginning.

"They had been sending me letters and Coach Partridge surprised me by coming to my school one day and talking to me," Higgs said. "I was shocked that he came all the way from Wisconsin to talk to me."

To make matters even better for Higgs, Partridge made a special trip down with Doeren so the coordinator could get a first-hand look at the talent Higgs possessed.

"Coach Partridge told me that he brought Coach Doeren down to see the best defensive player in the area," Higgs lauded. "I was real excited that a big school like Wisconsin has interest in me. They play big schools like Ohio State and Penn State and they are a good team."

Whatever schools Higgs chooses (he plans on making his choice of which schools to take an official visit to sometime in late August and commit to a school not long after that), that school will be getting Higgs services in early January, as Higgs is graduating in December and wants to participate in spring football to get a head start on learning the defense.

"I want to have the skills to be a quality player and I want to be able to go to the next level and start college in December," he said. "Hopefully I'll be this great college player the scouts are telling me I can be because I don't just want to be good, I want to be the man. I want to be great in college and be the guy that everybody talks about and looks at to make plays."

Weighing in a 6-2, 243 pounds, Higgs boasts a 4.94 40-yard dash time and a vertical jump of 30 inches. While his numbers will only continue to improve once he gets to college, his attitude and expectations are already primed for success at the next level.

"I play fast and I am a go-getter," Higgs said. "Whoever has the ball, I am going to go get them and stop them. Hopefully after a few hits they will see me coming and move but I will still find them and stop them."

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