Striving for More

With the amount of talent throughout South Florida high schools, each athlete needs some type of confidence, athleticism or natural talent to catch the eyes of the scouts. In David Gilbert's case, he has a little bit of everything.

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. – David Gilbert feels that if a game goes by without him registering a quarterback sack, the day hasn't been a success.

In the vast talent pool of South Florida, it is that confidence and athleticism that has put Gilbert on the map for a number of top universities.

At 6-4" and weighting in at 220 pounds, Gilbert recorded 57 tackles, nine sacks, eight tackles for a loss and blocked two field goal attempts. Possessing solid pass rushing abilities and the canny sense to read the play at the line of scrimmage, Gilbert has been working hard to read the rush and improving his numbers.

"I just work hard to try to get better," Gilbert told Badger Nation. "I know my numbers should be a lot better. The key for me is to help the team and play in all the games next season. I want to work hard every game. I want the team to get recognized and the team to get recruited before me."

On track to graduate early from high school, Gilbert is looking to enroll at the college of his choice next January and take part in spring drills. With 15 scholarship offers, Gilbert has started to narrow down his list, currently sporting a list of seven favorites.

"I have gotten the list down to about seven: Florida Atlantic, Purdue, UCF, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Louisville and Kentucky," Gilbert said. "I have been to FAU a few times but I want to go to Louisville and Kentucky at the same time. I am going to take two official visits during my senior year and the rest towards the end. I would like to do Connecticut and Louisville early and do Wisconsin towards the end."

Wisconsin assistant Coach Partridge, who has taken over recruiting South Florida this season, was one of the first coaches to approach Gilbert. Since the first meeting between the two, Gilbert and Partridge have maintained a good relationship, something that is very important to the high school senior.

"I really like Coach Partridge because we started talking a long time ago before I started getting ranked by people and he's honest," Gilbert said. "Wisconsin has got a really good program with a lot of tradition. I know some people that have been up and they said they have a really good fan base and you can get a good education there. I'll just have to adjust to how cold it is there."

Citing no favorites among his seven or having them ranked in a particular order. Not going to make a decision until he gets a chance to look at all his options, distance or school size are not going to be a deterrent in Gilbert's decision, as he'll pick whatever school gives him the best chance to succeed on and off the field.

"I don't care where I go as long as I fit into the program," Gilbert said. "Distance isn't going to affect my decision, which is definitely going to come after my season. During the season, I want to focus on the team and try to take the team as far as we can go. I don't want to rush anything."

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