Notes: Chryst Looking for Improvement

With two turnovers in the redzone in the second quarter Sunday, offensive coordinator Paul Chryst is looking for better results against Marshall.

MADISON - Apparently the struggles the Wisconsin football team had converting inside the 20-yard line Saturday weren't all that unique.

Against Akron, the Badgers twice failed to score after moving the ball inside the 5-yard line. On consecutive second quarter possessions, running back P.J. Hill lost a fumble and quarterback Allan Evridge was intercepted as UW looked poised to blow out Akron. There was also an illegal procedure penalty and a dropped pass by wide receiver David Gilreath in the end zone.

Offensive coordinator Paul Chryst had seen it before. Nary a fall camp practice passed without some miscue in the red zone.

"Pretty much every time we were down there," Chryst said. "It just comes up and … some are little things, some are big. … That's why when you're in practice, you try to make a big deal (about mistakes) so it gets through their skulls.

"Obviously we didn't do a good enough job, because those things are terrible mistakes."

Adding to Chryst's disappointment with the lack of execution is the fact that more practice time was devoted to redzone drills during this fall camp than in previous years.

"Those things will kill you, absolutely kill you in a lot of games," Chryst said. "You can't tolerate them."

Pressley back

Other than the large white cast on his right hand and wrist, fullback Chris Pressley was his normal self during Tuesday's practice.

Despite the cast, Chryst said Pressley made several nice catches, giving the coaches reassurance that no adjustments would need to be made to incorporate the fullback into the offense.

Pressley missed the first week of the season after breaking his wrist.

Backing up Carimi

If junior Jake Bscherer takes a redshirt this season as is expected, it would leave the Badgers without a backup at the left tackle spot, at least according to the current two-deep.

Asked Tuesday what the coaching staff would do should Carimi get injured and a new left tackle be needed, Chryst was coy.

"We've got a good plan," Chryst said, then added, laughing, "You're gonna like it."

Chryst directed any more questions about the master plan to Bielema, but did say there's a chance it could be unveiled Saturday, presumably if the Badgers jump out to a big lead against Marshall.

One option Chryst dismissed out of hand: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel beat writer Jeff Portrykus.

"I said a good plan," Chryst said laughing.

Wideouts blocking

When a team is run-oriented like Wisconsin appears it will be this season, it is crucial for the wide receivers to be solid blockers. That allows running backs to break off long runs through the secondary.

When two of the Badgers top three receivers are smaller physically, as is the case with David Gilreath and Maurice Moore, it becomes a gumption test.

"I think it's an attitude and approach, and we could be a lot better," Chryst said.

Chryst did single out Moore as one of the receiving corps' better blockers. On one of P.J. Hill's longer runs in the first half of Saturday's game, Moore had a nice block downfield that allowed Hill to pick up several extra yards and nearly sprung him for a touchdown.

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