Getting Collared

After a broken collarbone forced Badger-commit Jon Budmayr to the sidelines, the Marion Central prep quarterback is working his way back to full strength.

MADISON - This wasn't how Marion Central senior quarterback Jon Budmayr wanted to begin his first game of his senior year.

Fresh off committing to Wisconsin in May and coming off a season where he threw for 2,033 yards and 15 touchdowns, earning a first-team all-state selection in the process, Budmayr was rolling out to his right to pass and when he was hit just as he threw the ball, causing him to land directly on his right shoulder. To make matters worse, the defender who delivered the hit landed right on top of the quarterback and his ailing shoulder.

"It was just in the wrong place at the wrong time," Budmayr said. "I popped up and started to walk back out on the field and I felt something moving. I knew something wasn't right because I couldn't lift my arm. After I felt that, I went to the sideline and the trainer looked at it right away and knew it was broke."

After missing five games last season after partially tearing his hamstring, Budmayr had surgery on September 12 to put in a plate and screws to make sure the bone sets and heals properly. His diagnosis is six to eight weeks of healing time and the future Badger started therapy this week in order to regain his range of motion.

"Right now, we're just taking it one week at a time," Budmayr said. "With the collarbone, or any bone injury, it's just a matter of that healing. That's what I am trying to endure now and I am doing everything I can to speed up the healing process."

However, Budmayr is not rushing his recovering and is not going to play until there is no risk of getting reinjured, even if that means having to miss most of his senior season.

"I really want to try to get back for this season just because of the amount of work my team has put into this season," he said. "I really want to get back for them and try to make a push for a state title. If I am fortunate to get back there this season, that'd be great but if I am not, I'll have to live with that and start working and gearing up for the spring."

The one good thing about the whole process for Budmayr is that since his injury occurred on August 29, head coach Bret Bielema, offensive coordinator Paul Chryst and recruiting contact Randal McCray have all been in contact to check on him, something that has meant a lot to the recruit.

"Wisconsin has been very good and the coaching staff's support really reaffirms why I decided to go to Wisconsin," Budmayr said. "They were in contact with me on the day of my surgery; just making sure everything went well and even a couple days after to make sure I was doing well. They have been great and I can't thank them enough."

Budmayr has been watching the Badgers all season long, including talking with Bielema after the Marshall game. Currently because of his shoulder injury, he is unsure of when he is going to take his official visit but hopes to come to Madison by December. One decision that he had made will be to graduate from high school early and enroll at Wisconsin in January, thus making him eligible to participate in spring workouts, which is something really important to him and his development.

"It was a difficult decision and something I went back and forth with," Budmayr said. "It's tough because you have so many friendships that you've built and to leave that is always a tough part. When I came to my decision, being able to compete and taking in everything involved with college, not just the football aspect, but academics and getting an early start, I just felt it was the best opportunity for me."

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