Levy Ready for Michigan, Bye Week

After being named Big Ten and national defensive player of the week, senior linebacker DeAndre Levy addresses the media about the atmosphere in Fresno, what a win like that can do for the Badgers and how the team is approaching the week off.

You were all over the field on Saturday. Do you get amped up a little bit for those big games?

A little (laughing). It was a fun environment. One of the best environments I have played in. Like I said, we're just trying to keep our poise and focus for what is in front of us.

You guys got Jonathan Casillas back in the fold last week. Did having him back really open things up for defensive from a linebackers perspective?

It felt good to have him out there. We really hadn't played together since the Tennessee game. He missed most of the spring and most of camp. It was just fun having him out there again and seeing some of the things he can do.

What happened on the interception that you dropped right after that reviewed fumble?

That's one of those plays that I was talking about. That's something I've got to work at - catching the ball. It's been awhile. It kind of caught me off guard. As soon as I jammed him and turned, the ball was right there and I kind of reached and squeezed. it just caught me off guard.

The WAC today ruled that the play should have been a fumble. Is it nice to know in a way that you were right and they were wrong so to speak?

(laughing) I kind of knew that coming off the field that I had made the play. What can you do? You made the play but it's not there. You just have to focus on the next one and keep it moving.

Was Fresno comparable to some of the other Big Ten stadiums that you have played in?

This was actually one of my favorite ones. I think it was better than all of them we played in because of the fans. They were pretty rowdy. Before we stepped on the field for a walk through, it was just how the coaches explained it.

How does that away game prepare you for the Big Ten season because it was a physical game like a Big Ten-type contest?

It challenged us in a lot of ways. Being on the road against a tough, physical opponent, a little adversity, things weren't going our way the whole time, but we managed to find a way and I think that builds character for us for the Big Ten season.

From a senior standpoint, you've been through a lot of big momentum games. What can a road win like that at Fresno do for a team the rest of the season?

It does build momentum and confidence for us. it was a tough environment where we faced a lot of things and we have to overcome some things. I think it was a good measuring point to see where we were at and what we are capable of. It also shows up the things we need to work on in the long run.

As a defense you have allowed 30-less points through three games this year compared to last year. What is that attributed to?

Just preparation. The young guys have been hungry this year, more humble and more focused on what we have to do. Last year, i think everybody was disappointed and everyone has a chip on their shoulder and trying to improve from last year. That has been a goal to improve every day. Last year was a big learning experience. Nothing really is new or surprising this year.

Talk about stopping their run game and keeping the opposing running back under 100 yards for the third-straight game. Does that boost your confidence?

It boost it a lot. We know what we are capabale of and despite missing a couple keys, we were able to shut them down. I think three of there plays went for 150 yards, that's something that can kill us on the road and that's something we're going to have to take a look at and correct ... We made the tough stand on Saturday and it's a good feeling for us.

With the week off now, is that a blessing or do you wish you guys could keep playing with the momentum you guys have?

It can be (bad) but if you approach it the right way, and I think that's what everybody has been doing to this point, it will be a big momentum boost for us heading into the Big House.

Your thoughts on being named Big Ten Player of the Week and being recognized on a national level as well?

It was a little surprising to be honest. I am honored and it feels good. I was a little surprised because they look at numbers and not some of the plays on film on the field. I will take it either way.

Bret always talked about wanting to have the three best linebackers on the field and Jae McFadden has stepped in and his numbers speak for themselves. What have you seen from him on the field that makes you comfortable playing next to him?

Jae will always get to the ball. He's a ball hog and finds his way to the ball no matter what the call is. He manages to find a way to get to the ball and make the big play.

Nah. I never buy into that. You can never really where a team is under the Big Ten season starts. People can say this or that, but Michigan is Michigan. They are still going to have good players and a great coach. When the Big Ten comes, everybody steps their game up. We know they are going to be prepared and throw some new looks, some new things at us. We have to go in and execute and that's the plan.

The 2006 season was a special season for this team but you only had one bump in the road and that was at Michigan. What do you remember about that game?

They finished and we didn't. We were hanging around with them to maybe the last quarter. We had a couple slipups I think on special teams and some miscues on defense. A couple big plays killed us in the long run. We get a chance to avenge ourselves this time and get to go back there and hopefully put it away.

Big plans for the weekend?

Oh, just relaxing. Just relaxing and getting my body right and my mind right.

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