Audio: A Three Tight-End Set?

Speaking briefly with reporters Tuesday, senior tight end Travis Beckum joked that the solid play of all of Wisconsin's tight ends means that all three deserve to be on the field in a three tight-end set. Question is: was he really kidding or does Paul Chryst have something up his sleeve?

Wisconsin senior tight end Travis Beckum -

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You talked about a three tight-end set with you, Garrett and Lance. It's that more of a ‘joke' thing or is that something you have talked to Coach Rudolph about?

I mean, I don't know. I think Coach Chryst has the ability always has the ability to put something different in. So when it comes down to what he is going to do? You never really know.

Has Garrett really gotten a good connection with Allan throughout the first couple weeks?

I think so and I think that is something we established awhile ago when Evridge first got here. I think Evridge did that with a lot of the wide receivers and tight ends. I think all of us are really on the same page.

We've seen what Lance can do on the field in the Marshall game. Is there going to be a chance for him to get back out on the field in a similar kind of role?

I mean, I don't know. Like I said, that's up to a Coach Chryst but I think Lance did a really good job of showing the coaches and himself that he has the ability to make plays. I think he did a great job of taking his opportunity and he really seized it.

How has the transition been to Coach Rudolph?

I mean, I think Coach Rudolph is a different kind of coach. I think Coach Bostad came from the aspect of more of the blocking. Coach Rudolph is kind of versatile with both. It's a little different but he's a fine coach.

Are the tight ends looking to open up space for the wide receivers now that you are starting the Big Ten?

I don't know. Like I said, Coach Chryst has something different for everyone and whatever the defenses look like, that's what we're going to take advantage of.

Are you excited to get back to the ‘Big House'?

Yeah it's been awhile. It's a fun place to play.

Is it one of the tougher places to win a game in?

Um, I think so. I think every place in the Big Ten is kind of tough. I think we just have to go in there and play our style of football.

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