Evridge Ready for Night Atmosphere

Talking about the importance of playing at home, finding chemistry among his wide receivers and moving past the Wolverines, Wisconsin senior quarterback Allan Evridge talks to the media.

How much does it mean to be at home for this game?

It's going to mean a lot. It's great. It's going to be a home environment and it's going to be nice to hear each other and going off of that. We're very exciting. Looking forward to the fans coming out and giving them a tough time.

On those two plays where you were hit from behind and fumbled, do you even sense it or did they just blindside you?

Yeah they just kind of blindsided me and did a good job of stripping it as they hit. The one on the goal line going in, I was actually starting to throw so my hands were separated. I was about to throw it to Toon over the middle and they hit me at the right time. The ball popped out and it's frustrating.

Was Toon open on that play?

Yeah. It would have been a tight squeeze but it was better than the alternative, that's for sure.

Do you like doing more shotguns?

I enjoy the shotgun. I feel I can see better and things like that. Really, I'm going to do whatever Coach Chryst wants us to do (and) we need to execute.

Is that something you are going to be doing more of?

I am not sure. That's up to coach. We'll play that as it comes.

Are you still looking for that number one guy, particularly from the wide outs? Are you still looking for that guy to emerge?

I have never really been somebody that looks for that number one guy. I have always tried to think of it as go through your reads and hit who is open. I try to disperse the ball pretty wall and Coach Chryst does a good job of dispersing it. I've never really had one guy where I am going to throw it to him every time. There's a lot of guys and the more you play, the more you get comfortable with the different guys. Garrett is obviously somebody very good to have around and Travis does good things. They all do good things across the board but it's just some small things every now and again.

Are you excited about maybe having Garrett and Travis in the same game?

Yeah that would be very nice. Those other guys that were in there played hard and did a good job, but you can't really replace those guys. They are pretty talented and a lot of fun to play with. Across the board, a lot of guys stepped up and showed what they can do, which is a good thing as well. It would have been nicer if we would have gotten a win. We still have that good aspect of seeing what the younger guys could have done.

How frustrating is for you as a quarterback when to see dropped balls that you threw well and turned into interceptions?

That's like a double whammy. It's a dropped ball and a missed opportunity as far as that goes. When it turns into an interception, that's never fun as a quarterback. You look at the score sheet and say that was a rough day. You watch the film and it tells a different story. The biggest thing to have is amnesia. It happened and you have to forget about that play and go to the next one. That's the great thing about football. It's a long game and you usually have another opportunity to step out there and forget about it.

Badger Nation Exclusive

Are you aware of the recent success this team has had in night games here?

Umm … no I am not. I know that we do pretty well at home but I don't know any stats off the top of my head.

Do you want to? Out of the last 22, how many do you think you have won?

Umm, if I find out I don't think it will change my mindset at all. We are still worried about this game and that 1-0 mentality. But sure, what it is? Probably 21 or 22?


(laughing) OK. A good guess.

Is there a reason that when the lights come on that this team is so successful? Is it because you guys get extra hyped or get an extra kick from the crowd?

I really don't. I wasn't apart of some of the beginning ones. I think just speaking in general is it gets to be a more electric-type crowd. The fans are usually more into it. I don't know why. Usually night games are big games. I don't know what it is. From a crowd standpoint, that might get into the game maybe a little more than they do in the daytime. As far as our approach, it has to be the same every week and just come out and play well no matter what time it is.

How has your approach been this week not just for you, but for this team as a whole? Has it been a pretty sharp approach this week?

I think so. After today's practice, I was very pleased with the way guys practiced today. I think we are going in the right direction. We definitely aren't there yet. Everybody has got the right mindset and they are ready to work.

About the offense. It has been ebb and flow. Have you guys tried to pinpoint what the problem is to get some more stability to the offense so there aren't so many peaks and valleys or is that something you have to keep tinkering with?

The biggest thing for us right now is executing small things. You look across the board, guys just have to take care of their business and do the small things. They don't seem like much but they add up to the big things in the end, the grand scheme of things.

When you look at the Buckeye linebackers, talk about how they can change the pace of the game?

It's a tremendous defense. Michigan had a great defense as well. We're in Big Ten season now. It's going to be good defense after good defense after good defense and right now, we're looking at them. All the way across the board they are tremendous and their backers are very talented and bring a lot of things to the table. We'll have to be on our game but definitely a tough task and we're looking forward to it.

As the point been made that if you win your next eight games you'll be 11-1 and in pretty good shape. Has that point been made that at the end of the year, one loss is just one loss?

I mean, in the grand scheme of things guys can realize that. For the most part, we are sticking to that 1-0 mantra and continue to take things that way. That's the best way to play it and the best way to go. If we take it one game at a time, the picture could be pretty good at the end. It still goes back that we have to handle each game each week.

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