Badgermaniac's Keys to the Game Reviewed

Badgermaniac takes a look back at the tough Badger loss to Michigan this past weekend.

1. Strength vs. Strength

Wisconsin did indeed struggle with the run other than one long run from John Clay. Michigan stacked the line and dared Wisconsin to pass. When they tried to hammer the ball, there was little room for PJ Hill. Overall, this was a win for Michigan.

2. The Big House

Same old story it seems as Michigan remains the one team that seems to find a way to pull victory from the jaws of defeat against the Badgers. Michigan needed everything to go right to even be competitive after their brutal first half, and it did. Credit to Michigan for making plays and capitalizing on Badger errors.

3. Michigan Big Plays

Big plays were huge in this game as Michigan struggled moving the ball consistently. Whether it be a QB breaking free for a long jaunt, a tipped pass going for a defensive touchdown, or the Badgers getting caught in an aggressive blitz, the Wolverines had a continual stream of big plays in the second half.

4. Terrance Taylor vs. John Moffit

Terrance Taylor and the rest of the Michigan front was able to contain the Badger rushing attack.

5. Continued Return to Health

Jonathan Casillas looked healthier, but the unexpected losses of Travis Beckum and Garrett Graham was HUGE in this game. Once the Badgers needed to throw the ball to loosen up the defense, the receivers proved ineffective and replacement Lance Kendricks had some critical droppes. It was apparent that the loss of the two playmaking tight ends was a crippling blow.

Badgermaniac's Prediction

Yikes. The Badgers did get off to a methodical start. While they could not turn fumbles into touchdowns, they did put points on the board and were in a commanding position well into the third quarter. From there, we all know what happened: turnovers, big plays, a resurgent Michigan crowd, key penalties, and perhaps the most disappointing loss of the last decade.

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