Defensive Line Wary of Wells

With Ohio State displaying a one-two offensive punch of Chris Wells and Terrelle Pryor, Wisconsin defensive end O'Brien Schofield and the rest of the Badger defense are anxious at two counts of redemption - one at Wells and another for their psyche.

MADISON - O'Brien Schofield remembers the situation like it was last week. The Badgers, huge underdogs playing in Columbus, held a seven-point second-half lead on the number one team in the nation.

That was until Chris 'Benie' Wells took over.

The then-sophomore had touchdown runs of 31, 30 and 23 yards in the game's final 18 minutes, scoring the game tying, go ahead and clinching touchdown, racking up 169 yards on 23 carries.

A Heisman hopefully entering the season, Wells injured his right foot in the season opener, missing the next three games while the Buckeye offense suffered.

After coming back last week against Minnesota to rush for 106 yards, Wells showed that he's back to full strength and with the combination of freshman quarter Terrelle Pryor, the Buckeyes again have a formidable offensive attack.

After suffering one of more emotional losses in program history last weekend, the defense, according to O'Brien Schofield, still has its confidence and is ready at another shot at Wells.

More importantly, Wisconsin is anxious to get back into the Big Ten title picture.

What was the biggest thing you learned about your defense when you watched the film from the Michigan game?

Coaches made emphasis since I have been here to play hard and focus in on every play and take one play at a time. They always told us that two or three plays can beat you and you never know when that play is going to be. It's always important to stay focused.

With that philosophy, did you have to experience something like that to realize that?

I think it is something that you realize but you feel it more when it actually happens. It's bad that it happened that way but we know that we have to buy into what the coaches are saying to know exactly what they are talking about. We don't want that to happen again.

Was it easy to put that game behind and focus on Ohio State or is the memory of last Saturday still lingering?

Man, it hurt that night and it hurt the next day. On Monday, I was fresh. You have to get that it's only one loss and you have eight more games left and you have to get ready to play, especially against Ohio State. They are a really good opponent and we can't go in there with any baggage.

When you watch Beanie Wells from the sidelines last year, what do you remember from the game watching him?

I remember him being a really, really good back. He's really good cutting the ball back and really good at scoring. He had a nose for the ball. He makes plays happen for them and I think the offense is going to be developed about him and (Terrelle Pryor).

Has he changed a lot from last year when you watch film? Does he look pretty similar?

He looks bigger. He looks bigger and he probably matured as a player. We have to take in what he's done this year and last year because we don't have a lot of film on him this year because of his injury. You have to be prepared for him to do anything because he's a good back.

Terrell Pryor has been a big story but this isn't the first time you have faced a big, mobile quarterback. Does he remind you of a Juice Williams or another spread quarterback or is there another dimension that he brings?

Man, he's a real tall guy that has a long stride. He can move. If he don't see the pass, he's going to run and we have to be prepared to stop him. He's a real good athlete and our defense is keyed in and locked into that.

Is this going to be a real challenge for the ends with all the speed the Buckeyes have or is this no more than any other week?

I mean, we take every week as a challenge because any team can lose any Saturday and you don't know how good guys are just by watching film until you play against them. I think the defensive line period is going to play hard every play.

What do you respect about Ohio State when you watch them play? Is there something that you are impressed with?

They play hard. They play real hard. They look very sound on offense and they are going to try to score every play. We just need to be ready.

How important is it going to be playing at home when you are trying to rebound from an emotional loss?

I think we have the advantage with that. Our fans are great. The atmosphere is going to be high. We need to come out with an emotional high, ready to play with passion, have fun and ready to execute.

What do you remember how the Iowa night games last year because night games in Madison are a little more exciting than regular games?

The atmosphere last year was incredible. Our defense came out and played really well against Iowa. Just that emotion, that juice really helps you and I am expecting that more this year. Our defense is going to be ready to play.

From your prospective, what is the biggest concern facing this defense right now?

Just staying focus and executing. Football is football and I don't think we have been physically out beat or anything. Guys just need to lock in and play focused for four quarters of football.

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