Bielema Readies for Buckeyes

Having a good tempo all week in practice, Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema gives the media the injury report on Garrett Graham and miscellaneous answers about the Buckeyes.

Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema -

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Opening Statement

From an injury standpoint, Travis practice the whole week and obviously will be good to go from the first snap forward. Garrett practiced Tuesday, didn't practice Wednesday and didn't practice today and will be a game-time decision on him. Maurice Moore practiced yesterday and today. We are a lot healthier than we were a week ago going into this ball game and that makes us feel good. I thought we really had a good week of practice on Tuesday with the tempo they had. Just being able to go out there and put everything behind them and get out there and practice has been good for them. Today was another good practice and hopefully we can shine and polish tomorrow and sit around and wait for the game Saturday.

Did you have to hold Garrett out that it is a problem if he practices too much?

Correct. He's basically got a borderline fracture in his foot. It was old and got aggravated in the Fresno game and they thought it would be a two to three week period for him to get back out. We obviously gave him the week off going into the Michigan game. He tried to go but still wasn't completely healed. Hopefully if he can't go this Saturday (if he can't go tomorrow he won't go), then we sit him out to next Tuesday and hopefully he'd be good to go from there. It's not an injury that will hinder him when he gets back. Travis has been slow because you have certain things to go through. With this one once he's there, he'll be pretty much full go. Do the kids from Ohio get a little more anxious for this game?

I think it does. We have quite a few Ohio kids and I know this game means a lot to them. I know Jason Chapman did not want to talk to the media yesterday and that this game means a lot to him being from Ohio but because of the injury he sustained last year in the Ohio game. I guess Shane Carter and all those guys, just like our Wisconsin guys, you are playing against guys that they've played against on opposing teams and played against in high school. It does mean something to them when they go home and have a leg up. Wisconsin is the only team that Jim Tressel has a losing record against. What is it about these two teams that gets him?

Well, I go back to when I first came here and Coach Alvarez mentioned to me the history Wisconsin had played against Ohio State going back to the Morton years and different things that Wisconsin had success. I really tried to emphasize to our guys since Sunday's meeting to where we are today, this week has to be about Wisconsin and that's what we've tried to keep the emphasis on. Obviously I know Coach Tressel's record and what he has had against Wisconsin since he's been there, but I am 0-1 against Ohio State. Had the opportunity to win the game last year, we weren't able to close the deal and that's more what I am focused on.

You said earlier in the week that you tried to recruit Pryor. Did you make any headway?

Well, it was early in the phase of spring recruiting. He wanted to play quarterback and in our system, it wouldn't appeal to him for what he brings to the table. Bo recruited him basketball. He was a phenomenal athlete in both sports. The recruiting process was very short lived. We probably mailed to him and he may have sent some stuff back but we never had any official contact with him.

Would you change your offense a little bit right now for a guy like that?

I probably won't go into hypotheticals. You got with what you have and what you believe in. What stands out about the Buckeyes' line?

They're big and physical. The part that probably separated their defensive line is the other guys that play behind them. You got to get up to the next level for a play to have any type of success. They do a great of drawing double teams and people may get off a little early and from a combo block, be able to make a play while some guys don't. They have some good athletes in there. The six guys they play through there, all of them move and play pretty well.

What stands out about James Laurinaitis?

His ability to run. He's the right tackle on punt team. He's the middle linebacker on punt return. He basically plays a lot of football and plays at a high level.

Do you like what Curt Phillips has done running the scout team?

I really do. The last two weeks, even last week, Curt Phillips has given us a great look and shows us some promise for the future at that position in particular.

How much do you alter your game day preparation for a night game and a day game?

Obviously quite a bit on game day because of the time factor that we have. We have had a lot of success here in night games. One of the things I learned early on as a coach, ‘If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' Coach Alvarez had set up a schedule that I took place in as an assistant that I really like that we've pretty much stayed the same. Our Fridays are the same home or away. Our Saturdays, we'll let them sleep in a little longer, come over here to the stadium, do a walk through about 11 o'clock, 11:30, same thing we did out in Fresno, go back to the hotel, have a couple hours in the hotel, get up and get our pregame meal going forward.

The play that Langford got hurt on last year. You sent that in to the Big Ten. What kind of answers did you get?

Talking with Dave Perry after the play, they felt it was a legal block but it was still one that we as a staff really questioned because it was a defenseless play (inside out block) never saw him coming in.

When you see a guy like Fenelus making the impact he is on special teams, is he getting closer getting into the secondary mix? Antonio is doing a tremendous job for us on all of our special teams. He's got a little bit of a knack. From the line of scrimmage, he isn't quite where we need to have him on an every down play. He probably can go in and play man very well for us. To fit in a package and our scheme, it's still probably a development. Him and Kevin (Claxton) both are doing a great job at developing at their respective positions.

What's the latest on Aaron Henry?

I just talked to him the last 10 minutes of practice. He's moving better than he's ever moved but he's got to that point that if he doesn't play next week, there is no real sense in playing him.

Question about the Brewers and Cubs?

Honestly, I haven't watched. Somebody told me at the Mendota meeting that they both lost. Since we started up fall camp, I haven't followed one way or the other.

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