Bielema Post Game - Ohio State

Seeing his team blow another second-half lead, Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema struggles to find the words in his post game press conference, as Ohio State come backs to beat Wisconsin 20-17.

Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema -

Opening Statement:

"Obviously I'm very disappointed for our players, our coaches and the fans. I thought the crowd out there was absolutely unbelievable. The environment that we took the field in, and to start off the way we did from a perspective standpoint to get that score and be able to keep that crowd energized. I thought our defense did a lot of good things in that half after that play and after that drive. There were things that were very, very positive but on the same account we aren't a good enough football team to survive basic fundamental execution, being able to get out of bounds before the end of the first half, or the two-minute offense, we have to get ourselves out of bounds.

:Different tackling efforts we talked about being able to go low on (Chris) Wells and (Terrelle) Pryor because they are big bodies that are tough to bring down for certain positions on our defense. We weren't cutting, like we said we were going to. For us to have success we have to be able to do those things. I, by no means am faulting anybody's effort or desire. We just have to be able to be clean on what we ask those kids to do otherwise we can't have success. I don't know anything about Gabe Carimi or his status on an injury standpoint."

On defensive confusion on Pryor's winning touchdown:

"I know from our standpoint we were trying to get in a call from second and long. They had been going with a lot of deep outs, quick outs and quick turns and I wanted to be able to be in the coverage and they switched up and went to the quarterback option in second and long and obviously there wasn't anybody in position to tackle the quarterback."

On handling Pryor:

"At times we did some good things. I know that we were able to get some pressure on him, we were able to get some sacks on a couple of different occasions. He is elusive, he is a big body and there were a couple of times we were just hanging on or just barely on him and he was able to fight through some tackles. He presents a challenge to get down on any given play and it's something that we did well some of the time and ultimately in the end the last play we weren't good enough."

On Josh Ogelsby taking over for Carimi:

"Obviously Josh Ogelsby jumped in there and one thing that did jump out to me is I didn't see him give up anything. I kind of said a few words to him when he first got in there, I said you get to go out there and compete against a very good defensive front and for the most part, I obviously haven't been able to assess exactly what he did, but it seems like he popped in there and did some good things."

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