Previewing the Hockey Season: Tom Bardis

After transferring from St. Lawrence two seasons ago, Tom Bardis is ready to take the ice for the Badgers and contribute in any way possible.

MADISON - Tom Bardis couldn't wait for last year to go quick enough.

Skating in 12 games for the St. Lawrence Saints of the ECACHL in 2006, Bardis scored two goals and two assists, but wanted to take his game to the next level. After a phone call to Wisconsin, Bardis found a new place to help elevate his game.

After having to sit out the season because of NCAA transfer rules, Bardis is anxious and as he told Badger Nation, is ready to contribute to the Badgers.

After sitting out a year, how ready are you to get going and be apart of this team?

I am so ready to go. I am excited to be apart of this team. It was rough sitting out the year but I obviously knew what I was getting into. That's why I came here and to this program so I can be apart of it. I am just ready to go.

What were some of the things that led to you transferring here?

I was looking for a challenge. I heard a ton about Wisconsin growing up. I had the opportunity to transfer and I took advantage of it. Wisconsin was my first phone call. Coach Eaves said they had a spot and that I would be welcomed. I thought I could take the year to get better. I feel like I have and that's why I am here now.

What have you learned about yourself after sitting out this year and watching this team?

I learned a lot off the ice this past year. I learned that I needed to stay patient and wait for my time to play. I learned to keep working until that time comes. I did that so I am still here.

How have you blended into this team? Do you know what your role is going to be?

I am going to be the energy guy. I am more of a hard worker, like to get things going. Whatever they put me, I am going to be ready to go.

What do you think about the nucleus of the team that is coming back? How good can this team can be?

I think we have a really, really good and talented team. I think everybody is trying to find their niche and where they need to be. We'll find out real quick the first three series. I think we're going to do real well this season.

Fans have heard a lot about the games you play to start the season and how brutal that can be. What are some of the positives from the team's standpoint about playing these challenging teams so early in the season?

I think it is the best way to start. We go up against two of the best teams in the country right away. I don't; know how we can test ourselves anymore than doing that and proving to ourselves that we are here to play this season.

Is the team also looking at this stretch as a positive because you are playing the best and that you'll be able to figure out right away what you guys need to improve on?

For sure. Right away, we're going to know what we need to do better. We're going to find out what we're good at and those things are nice to figure it out early in the season. I can't think of a better way to figure that out than play against some of the bbest teams early in the season.

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